Research Funding

Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation

Internal Deadline: January 27, 2012; one-page abstract send to Matt Winfrey, Eppley Cancer Center

Award Amount: $100,000/year for 2 years potential for an additional year

SWCRF seeks to develop scientific programs in the form of an Institute Without Walls. These programs span multiple institutions and disciplines and identify the optimal set of investigators to unravel and reverse the abnormal program of growth and differentiation of the cancer cell. We envision that members of the SWCRF Institute Without Walls will continue interactions beyond the term of their grant.

Research Themes

  1. Basic and translational research focused on mechanisms of gene regulation that govern critical cell decisions in the process of cell diversification from the tumor initiating cell to the differentiated state
  2. Projects on aberrant gene regulators in malignancy
  3. Research on aberrant epigenetics in malignancy
  4. Studies on the cell decisions on cell dormancy versus proliferation
  5. Research on cell life and death

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