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Uniform Guidance, What’s Clinical Trials Got to Do with It?

The Office of Management and Budget  (OMB) implemented their Uniform Guidance in 2014 which dictates the administrative, accounting, audit rules and principles for all federal awards; including federal pass-thru awards and multi-center clinical trials.

Under Section 200.343 of the federal Uniform Guidance the federal government has required non-federal organizations to close out federal awards by 90 days after the end date.  In the past final billings beyond the 90 days were allowed, this is no longer the case.  Billing for federally sponsored clinical trials must be completed within the 90 day closeout window and for some trials that close-out process may need to be completed much sooner.

In order to recapture all the costs of a clinical trial it is imperative that routine billing take place, minimally, monthly.  SPAccounting will work with departmental administrators for grants that may fall under the 90 day window so the principal investigator will know if their grant has a shorter close-out period.

If timely billing has been an issue for your trials, consider contracting with the Clinical Research Center (CRC), they have staff trained to assist you.

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