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Vendor Visits & Clinical Trials

MS 40 clearly defines rules of conduct for interaction of healthcare vendor representatives (HCVRs) with Nebraska Medicine staff. This also governs representatives who are on campus for visits related to Clinical Trials, i.e. Site Monitors. The policy includes registration and appropriate identification and pertains to all Nebraska Medicine facilities and entities.

During visits related to clinical trials Representatives:

  • Contact is restricted to Nebraska Medicine staff associated with that trial only
  • Representatives are not permitted in patient care areas unless required for work associated with a clinical trial.
  • Representatives must obtain a basic membership in REPtrax (free)
  • Representatives must sign-in and out to REPtrax for each visit.
  • On campus visits representatives must use a REPtrax kiosk, located in the Nebraska Medicine hospitals. REPtrax mobile apps may be used only for off-site clinic visits.
  • Representatives must wear the orange badge (prominently displayed above the waist) generated at the REPtrax kiosk as well as a company identification badge. When on other Nebraska Medicine sites (i.e. clinics), representatives must wear their company identification badge and show proof of login to REPtrax on their smart phone.

Staff must ensure that the HCVR has appropriate identification, a confirmed appointment, and is not in a patient care location unless required.

HCVR can register for a free basic membership in REPtrax at and clicking on “Register”. Instructions for completing the REPtrax registration and answers to common questions can be requested from a coordinator in the Clinical Research Center (559-6578).



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