Research Announcements

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Relative Influences of the Environment and Genotype in Shaping the Oral Microbiome

May 12, 2016 from Noon to 1:00 PM
MSC room 1005

Presented by Purnima Kumar, BDS, MS, PhD, Associate Professor of Periodontology at Ohio State University.  Dr. Kumar is a faculty candidate for the Microbiome Research Program.

Dr. Kumar’s research programs have focused on the modifying effects of smoking on oral bacteria.  Her work has demonstrated the associations between novel and unsuspected oral species and periodontal disease.  Current projects seek to explore how inter-bacterial interactions as well as environmental factors such as smoking can increase risk for disease.

Dr. Kumar’s presentation will also be broadcast to the UNMC College of Dentistry, Lincoln, room 1221.

Social Science Research in the Era of Restricted Access Data

The Central Plains Research Data Center will host Dr. John M Abowd of Cornell University who will be speaking on the use of restricted federal data in research.  This is an off campus event, held on the UNL campus College of Business Administration on April 21, 2:00 PM.

John M. Abowd is the Edmund Ezra Day Professor of Economics, Professor of Statistics and Information Science at Cornell University; the Director of the Labor Dynamics Institute at Cornell and the research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research; President (2014-2015) and Fellow of the Society of Labor Economists; Chair (2013) of the Business and Economic Statistics Section and Fellow of the American Statistical Association; Director of the Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research (1999-2007. He is a member of the International Statistical Institute; Fellow of the Econometric Society.

Abowd serves on the National Academies’ Committee on National Statistics & on the AEA’s Committee on Economic Statistics. In June, he will become the new Associate Director for Research and Methodology and Chief Scientist at the U.S. Census Bureau.

For further information, contact John Anderson, CPRDC Executive Director at 402.472.1190 or, Veronica Roth at, or visit


OnPAR to Provide Second Chance for Rejected NIH Proposals

The Online Partnership to Accelerate Research (OnPAR) was conceived to re-accelerate the biomedical research and development enterprise by seeking a larger return on NIH’s peer review investment on research proposals evaluated in the top 30% in each NIH Institute and Center.

The goal of OnPAR is to match quality biomedical research projects with priority areas of interest of private foundations, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies and/or other private biomedical research funders. OnPAR will eventually provide access to a global pipeline of research projects that can either supplement internal projects or provide innovative new ideas for future medical products.

How to Apply
Register for OnPAR

Leidos has worked with NIH Program Officers to inform applicant Principal Investigators that have scored well, but below the Institute/Center payline, about OnPAR. If an applicant scored in the top 30% and is not funded by NIH, he/she is welcome to submit an abstract for consideration. Qualified applicants are invited to register with OnPAR and participate in the submission and review process described below. It is not necessary to re-write an application. OnPAR will accept the NIH abstract that was submitted by the applicant, and if invited, his/her submitted NIH application and Summary Statement.