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NIH-Sponsored, Training Workshop on Metabolomics at the University of Alabama, Birmingham

Workshop Dates:  July 17 – 21, 2016

Travel Funds Application Deadline:  April 29th, 2016

While many are familiar with genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics, each representing methods to globally examine gene sequences and how they are transcribed and translated, the current NIH initiative is to comprehensively study all the metabolites that circulate in our bodies. We’ve all worried about blood glucose and cholesterol levels, but now we want to extend this to all the compounds that circulate through our bodies and hence get a better handle on management of acute and chronic disease as well as the aging process.

The NIH, through the Common Fund (, sponsors a hands-on training workshop at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (July 17-21, 2016) in the design, sample collection, sample and data processing and data analysis that is associated with metabolomics research. I’m the director of the workshop and strongly encourage your interested members to apply.

Information about the workshop and how to apply can be found at:

Note that there are travel funds for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The application deadline is Friday, April 29, 2016.

Contact Stephen Barnes (205-934-6944;  or Lynn Waddell (205-934-4579; if you have any questions.

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