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The Nebraska Ebola Method

Education Highlight – College of Public Health faculty and staff spearheaded the launch of free Ebola online courses, in association with Apple, available on both iTunes and Moodle. One course is directed at clinicians, while the other course is for lay audiences and available in both English and Spanish.  Developed in collaboration with University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) faculty and its primary clinical partner, Nebraska Medicine, “The Nebraska Ebola Method for Clinicians” and “The Nebraska Ebola Method for General Public” provide online instruction and… Continue Reading

Harpriya Kaur

Student Highlight – Harpriya Kaur is a PhD Epidemiology student. What brought you to public health? My curious nature to understand the cause of disease occurrence, and a strong passion for helping those in need, brought me to this field. Public health is a perfect combination of both. My research interests include infectious diseases, cancer, global health, and occupational health. Currently, I am working on research focusing on HPV in vulnerable populations. What do you like most about COPH? Its close relation with Medical Center… Continue Reading

Derry Stover, MPH

Alumni Highlight  – Derry Stover Hometown: Kearney, NE Year graduated from our program: 2010 Degree and concentration: MPH–Environmental and Occupational Health Current career position: I serve as an epidemiologist and program manager for the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services’ Occupational Safety and Health Surveillance Program. I work to improve the health and safety of Nebraska’s workforce through something we call “Putting Data to Work,” which involves using occupational health and safety data to track trends of injuries and illnesses and to develop recommendations… Continue Reading

Melissa Tibbits, PhD: Research to Promote Health Among Children and Adolescents

Spotlight on Research at COPH – The goal of Dr. Tibbits’ research is to promote health among children and adolescents. Much of her research falls into the category of public health practice and focuses on providing information that enables community organizations to choose effective intervention strategies. Additionally, she works extensively with local organizations on evaluation projects aimed at providing information that can be used to build upon intervention strengths, recognize challenges, and encourage sustainability. Most recently Dr. Tibbits has collaborated with the Douglas County Health… Continue Reading

What do I need to know about the Ebola virus?

Public Health Community Advisory- What is Ebola? Ebola is a virus which causes an infection. How does Ebola spread and how do I catch it? You can only get Ebola from: Touching the blood or body fluids of a person who is sick with or has died from Ebola. Touching contaminated objects, like used needles or cloth (used sheets or towels) from an Ebola patient. The Ebola virus is spread by direct contact which means that the person who is sick with the virus has… Continue Reading

Citizen Scientists Help Monitor Water Quality

Public Health Practice – Ever wonder what’s in your water? The Center for Environmental Health and Toxicology (CEHT), in partnership with UNO’s Nebraska Watershed Network, has been working together on projects that specifically focus on the nation’s water quality. One such project was Lil’ Miss Atrazine. Atrazine is an herbicide used primarily on corn, and during rain storms, atrazine is transported, along with other chemicals, into surface waters throughout the Midwestern United States. In most areas, these waters eventually reach the Mississippi River, where they… Continue Reading