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Denise Britigan, MA, PhD, CHES

Faculty Highlight – Dr. Denise H. Britigan received her PhD in Health Education from the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio. She also holds an MA in Library and Information Science and a BS in Medical Technology. She was a member of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists for over 20 years, and has been a nationally certified health education specialist since 2008. Dr. Britigan also completed a two-year, inter-professional Certificate of Preparing Future Faculty program during her doctoral studies.  She joined the College of… Continue Reading

Patty Scholting, MPAS, PA-C

Student Highlight – Patty Scholting is a student in the UNMC College of Public Health (COPH) Master of Public Health program with a concentration in Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC).  She entered the MPH program on a part-time basis in the fall of 2008.  With her course work complete, she is now turning her attention toward developing her service-learning/capstone project. Patty expects to graduate in 2014. Patty is currently on the faculty at UNMC in the Physician Assistant program. She is an assistant professor and… Continue Reading

Valeriya Kettelhut

Alumni Highlight – Valeriya graduated from Omsk Medical University, Russia, in 1992, went through a surgical fellowship program, and then worked as a surgeon for five years. While working with patients who were workers at a nuclear plant, she encountered several relatively young patients with prostate cancer and testicular cancer. She realized the hospital where she practiced could offer a screening program for the city. She communicated with the hospital administration to purchase specialized ultrasound equipment and develop an agreement with a biochemical regional laboratory…. Continue Reading

Amr Soliman, MD, PhD: Multidisciplinary Cancer Epidemiology Research

Spotlight on Research at COPH – Dr. Soliman has developed a multidisciplinary cancer epidemiology research program in underserved and minority populations. Over the past 20 years, he has been collaborating with faculty in Middle Eastern countries and Africa and working with U.S. minority populations to develop a program in international cancer epidemiology and migration studies. This has led to a strong research infrastructure with several centers in Cyprus, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and Malawi to investigate the epidemiology of colorectal, pancreatic, hematopoietic,… Continue Reading

Health Literacy in Nebraska and the Nation: What is in the works?

Public Health Community Advisory – October is designated as Health Literacy Month, and this year’s suggested theme is “Be a Health Literacy Hero.”… “It’s about taking action and finding ways to improve how we communicate health information. Health Literacy Heroes can be individuals, teams, or organizations. What they have in common is finding health literacy problems and then acting to solve them.” [1]  Heroes here in Nebraska include the members of Health Literacy Nebraska [2] (HLNE), a partnership led by Susan Bockrath, MPH, CHES.  An… Continue Reading

Herd Immunity?

Public Health in the National News – If you mention “herd immunity” to someone in the agricultural belt of the United States, your conversation will likely turn to livestock. For infectious disease experts, the term means something similar, but it is used in reference to large groups of humans rather than animals. “Herd immunity” and immunization have played a historic role in combating human disease and stabilizing human populations. History gives us many examples of contagious diseases that decimated populations, for example the plague outbreak… Continue Reading

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