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Tricia D. Levan, PhD

Faculty Highlight – Dr. Tricia LeVan is the course coordinator and instructor for the Master of Public Health core course in epidemiology, “Epidemiology in Public Health.” The course encompasses several teaching paradigms, including traditional lectures and exams; in class exercises and discussion; small group current event topics using news, videos, magazine articles, and state-of-the-art peer-reviewed manuscripts; and a final PowerPoint video presentation on descriptive epidemiology. The course is always evolving to include fresh new teaching ideas. In addition to in-class teaching, she serves as mentor… Continue Reading

Douglas Perin

Student Highlight – Douglas Marcel Puricelli Perin (Doug) grew up in the metropolis of Porto Alegre, Brazil. While obtaining a law degree from one of Brazil’s most prestigious universities, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), he worked for a non-governmental organization helping poor and underprivileged communities regularize their housing conditions. His professional experience with social work would prove beneficial later in his life. After graduating from college, his passion for culture, history, and nature prompted him to travel extensively throughout Latin America. For… Continue Reading

Eleanor Rogan, PhD, Research on How Estrogens Start the Multi-step Process Leading to Cancer

Spotlight on Research at COPH – The primary questions investigated in Dr. Rogan’s laboratory are “How do estrogens start the multi-step process leading to cancer, and how could this be prevented?” Most biomedical scientists have studied estrogens in terms of their causing cancer through hormone receptor-mediated events. Instead, Dr. Rogan’s laboratory considers estrogens to be chemicals that can start the process leading to cancer by acting similarly to other chemicals we encounter in the environment—in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the… Continue Reading

The College of Public Health Takes Part in Husker Harvest Days

Public Health Community Advisory – This year’s hot, dry, drought conditions have produced a triple threat to the safety, security, and health of the agriculture community, with an increase in fire danger, significantly reduced yield in crops, and dangerous levels of aflatoxin in the corn crop. The gritty combination of dry top soil and gusty winds greeted this year’s participants of Husker Harvest Days (HHD). Taking place in the middle of a dry corn field just west of Grand Island on September 11-13, HHD prides… Continue Reading

Online Education and the College of Public Health

Public Health in the National News – The College of Public Health announces the launch of new online programs at the University of Nebraska. These programs will address a growing workforce demand for more public health professionals. A master of science in emergency preparedness and professional certificates in public health and emergency preparedness can now be obtained fully online through the University of Nebraska’s Online Worldwide website. All are graduate-level programs offered by the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The programs aim to strengthen the… Continue Reading