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Category: Vol. 2 / Is. 01, Jan 2012

Li-Wu Chen, MHSA, PhD

Faculty Highlight – Li-Wu Chen, MHSA, PhD, Associate Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Health Services Research & Administration Dr. Li-Wu Chen received a Master of Health Services Administration degree from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and a PhD degree in Health Policy & Administration from the Pennsylvania State University. He grew up […]

Jan 15, 2012

Jagar Jasem, MD

Student Highlight – Jagar Jasem, MD Dr. Jasem is a physician from the Kurdistan Region/Iraq and is currently pursuing an MPH degree, with a concentration in epidemiology, under a Fulbright Scholarship. Dr. Jasem realized the importance of public health to his country soon after he started practicing medicine. “Unfortunately, the medical practice in my country […]

Jan 15, 2012

Pinaki Panigrahi, MD, PhD – Professor of Epidemiology and Pediatrics

Spotlight on Research at COPH Antibiotics have been used for many decades. Penicillin was regarded as a miracle drug 70 years ago. Over the decades, many new generations of antibiotics have been used. In fact, the pace at which bacteria become resistant to one class of antibiotics is probably faster than the drug companies can […]

Jan 15, 2012

“You Better Watch Out” for the Slippery Winter”

Public Health Community Advisory “You Better Watch Out” for the Slippery Winter by Joseph Ka-Chun Siu, PT, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental, Agricultural, and Occupational Health Winter is a wonderful time of the year, bringing, among other things, holiday celebrations. However it also brings snow, sleet, and ice, which can make sidewalks and pathways […]

Jan 15, 2012

The Rediscovery of Medical Humanities

Public Health in the National News The Rediscovery of Medical Humanities by Virginia Aita, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Health Promotion, Social and Behavioral Health A renewed interest in the medical humanities arose with the bioethics movement in the 1970s. The medical humanities consist of works of history, literature, philosophy, and religion that intersect with […]

Jan 15, 2012