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Dr. Fang Yu

Faculty Highlight – Fang Yu, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biostatistics Dr. Fang Yu’s research focuses on the development of Bayesian statistical methods for analyzing high-throughput data. Bayesian statistical methods incorporate prior information to calculate the probability that a hypothesis may be true. One of Dr. Yu’s recently published manuscripts proposed a hierarchical Bayesian method to identify differentially expressed genes under multiple biological conditions. Her hierarchical Bayesian method fits parallel models on the studied genes and provides better model fit by allowing the genes… Continue Reading

Student Highlight-Molly McCarthy

Molly McCarthy was inspired to pursue an MPH degree in the COPH at UNMC after learning about health disparities in a Human Biology and Social Inequality course she took as an undergraduate. Since her admission into the MPH Program during the fall of 2010, she has completed 22 credit hours of course work and has identified community-based participatory research (CBPR), sexual health, and health disparities as main areas of academic interest. In addition, she secured a graduate assistantship and student research position and serves as… Continue Reading

Spotlight on COPH Research

Dr. Joshi Uses Health Informatics to Address Public Health Issues Dr. Ashish Joshi is an assistant professor in the COPH Department of Health Services Research and Administration and the Center for Global Health and Development. Dr. Joshi’s research interests include global health; multifaceted technology-mediated interventions to support chronic care; and computer-mediated health education, geovisualization, and health outcomes. Dr. Joshi blends his clinical medicine training with biomedical research, public health research, and computer science and engineering research. He uses technology-mediated, multifaceted interventions to support chronic care…. Continue Reading

Public Health Community Advisory

Water Damage: Cleanup and Your Health by Shawn Gibbs, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental, Agricultural, and Occupational Health The recent flooding of the Missouri River will leave damage to homes for individuals to address. When returning to flood-damaged property, it is important to begin the cleanup in a way that will not endanger either your immediate or long-term health. Personal Safety The immediate health issue to address is personal safety. Do not enter an unsafe structure, and do not begin recovery efforts until it… Continue Reading

Public Health in the National News

Flood Safety and Preparedness by Philip Smith, MD, Professor, Department of Epidemiology, with contributions by Kristin Watkins, MBA, Center for Preparedness Education The Missouri River has risen to record levels, causing widespread flooding in Nebraska, Iowa, and the Dakotas. Floodwaters are causing damage in many communities and threatening the Nebraska nuclear power plants. There are many public health concerns with flooding, including issues related to drowning, injuries, animals and insects, cleanup, mold, and environmental concerns. Here are a few tips to think about when it… Continue Reading