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Dodoma, Tanzania May 2015

Here are some pictures. We are teaching V Scan  ultrasound to our colleagues, and you will see that we are preparing for a Rheumatic Heart Disease screening project, because of the high prevalence of RHD and severe consequences for children and adults. I will be working with cardiologist, and with two of my MPH colleagues to accomplish this outreach project for all presenting pregnant patients in 3 out of the 7 districts here, randomly of course! ha! Little babies were scanned at the Dodoma General Hospital. We were scanning after requested… Continue Reading

Haiti Immersion May 2015

Haiti Immersion May 2015, team member Helen Baas RNC, UNMC medical students: Amal Hamden, Prriya Maillacheruvu, Alyssa Malley, Ian Parsley, Abby Riese, Santiago Rozo, Steffen Spencer, Shelby Travis, and James Goedert , PhD, P.E., Professor of Engineering, UNL and Martha Goedert, CNM, FNP, PhD, Assistant Professor CoPH, CGHAD This May 2015 immersion partners second year medical students with Haitian partners who have been working in the Central Plateau in projects concerning health ( and engineering (Flower of Hope School). The students were selected based on… Continue Reading