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Martha Goedert’s diary, December, 2016

“Showing up’ is the first step to a successful water and food security project. In Hinche Haiti, over the last 11 years, the Goederts’ report that showing up starts with “hearing our names called out by friends upon our arrival”. Americans may not be accustomed to having loved ones waiting at arrival gates; but in […]

Jan 27, 2017

Overview of Peace Corps Term 2015 – 2016 – Tanzania – Martha Goedert

I start this letter with an audible sigh. This morning I am attempting to summarize a year of great learning, great teaching, and great growth, and all of this referring to ‘me’ and what I have learned, what I have been taught and how I have grown. At the feet of students, of Tanzanian health […]

Sep 9, 2016

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. African Proverb – Martha Goedert

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. African Proverb Three colleagues from the Dodoma Region, Tanzania visited the UNMC campus, hosted by the Center for Global Health and Development at the College of Public Health. Dean Ali Khan welcomed the visitors on their first work day […]

Sep 8, 2016

Life-Saving Skills, How Helping Babies Breathe Can Make a Difference One Health Care Worker at a Time Martha Hoffman Goedert, CNM, FNP, PhD, FACNM, Visiting Professor UDOM, Peace Corps/Seed Global Health

Globally, we know that while neonatal mortality has improved over the last decade, 15,000 babies still die each day (UN, 2010). The Lancet’s Newborn series, in 2014, inspired a global crusade to reduce neonatal mortality, among other child survival initiatives. Most regions of the world have seen a 50% reduction in this neonatal mortality rate. […]

Jan 27, 2016

Dodoma, Tanzania May 2015

Here are some pictures. We are teaching V Scan  ultrasound to our colleagues, and you will see that we are preparing for a Rheumatic Heart Disease screening project, because of the high prevalence of RHD and severe consequences for children and adults. I will be working with cardiologist, and with two of my MPH colleagues to accomplish this outreach project for […]

Nov 6, 2015

Haiti Immersion May 2015

Haiti Immersion May 2015, team member Helen Baas RNC, UNMC medical students: Amal Hamden, Prriya Maillacheruvu, Alyssa Malley, Ian Parsley, Abby Riese, Santiago Rozo, Steffen Spencer, Shelby Travis, and James Goedert , PhD, P.E., Professor of Engineering, UNL and Martha Goedert, CNM, FNP, PhD, Assistant Professor CoPH, CGHAD This May 2015 immersion partners second year […]

Aug 24, 2015