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Data collection continues as halfway point reached in malaria project

College of Public Health Department of Epidemiology Assistant Professor, Abraham Mengist, PhD, is continuing data collection in Ethiopia as part of a two-year malaria project.

The project is a collaboration with researchers from Addis Ababa University and is investigating the impact of repeated anthelminthic treatment on the Epidemiology and clinical outcomes of malaria, anemia, undernutrition, and academic performance of children. 

Speaking of the project, Dr. Mengist said, “we are conducting a randomized trial among school-age children in Ethiopia, where some are treated with Albendazole (400mg) and Praziquantel (40mg/kg body weight) and others with a single dose of 250 mg vitamin C every four months for two consecutive years. This study will generate data to inform strategies for controlling and preventing malaria and helminthiasis and related adverse health outcomes in regions where the two diseases are co-endemic.”

“As part of the follow-up survey on month 12, we are now collecting data on the incidence of clinical malaria, the severity of the disease, hemoglobin level, nutritional status, and the academic performance of children.”

Photos below show collection, processing and examining of samples in the field.

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