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COPH Notable Mentions

COPH Notable Mentions – In the Fall 2017 semester, the following students fulfilled the requirements for the Certificate in Emergency Preparedness, Certificate in Maternal and Child Health, Certificate in Public Health, Master of Public Health, and Doctor of Philosophy.

Congratulations to all the graduates, and best wishes to them in their chosen public health professions!

Certificate in Emergency Preparedness

Brian Madison

Certificate in Maternal and Child Health

Emily Blanchard

Certificate in Public Health

Padmapriya Francisco

Megan Holmes

Sean Jackson

Amanda Kis

Lourdes Secola

Jazmin Struble

Sara Wartman

Master of Public Health Graduates & Capstone Project Title

Sultan Albalushi (EPI) – Predictors of Compliance and Predictive Values of the Breast Cancer Screening Program of the Oman Cancer Association (2009-2016)

Anas Almatrafi (EPI) – Epidemiologic and Spatial Differences in Colorectal, Lung and Bronchus, Breast, and Prostate Cancer Mortality-to-Incidence Ratios between Blacks and Whites in Louisiana

Michelle Beacom-Claborn (PHPr) – Qualitative Design and Analysis Plan for Project BEARS

Bibiana Carvajal Suarez (EPI) – Predicting HPV Vaccination of Children Among Mothers of Mexican Origin

Kandy Do (PHA) – The Exploration of Historical, Cultural, and Healthcare Utilization Factors When Clinically Treating Refugee Patients: Healthcare Providers’ View

Emma Frost-Briley (COPC) – Primary Care Provider’s Perspectives of Integrating Public Health into the Prevention and Management of Type II Diabetes Mellitus in Rural Nebraska

Roger Gonzales (EPI) – Awareness and Attitudes of the Latino Community in Omaha on Colorectal Cancer and Screening

Matthew Holt (PHPo) – An Assessment of EMS Workforce in Nebraska With Future Strategies

Donna Jordan (EPI) – The Current Burden of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Infections in the Three Rivers Health District

Kushal Karan (PHA) – The Use of Electronic Health Records Data for Public Health: A Snapshot of Current Practices in Nebraska’s Local Health Departments

Eun Hee Kwon (EOH) – Survey of indoor air quality in residences of WIC participants in Lincoln, NE

Mariah Morgan (HPRO) – Multilevel Worksite Wellness Intervention to Improve Individual Behaviors and the Worksite Environment

Moses New-aaron (BIOS) – Awareness, perceptions and willingness to screen for cervical cancer among women receiving anti-retro viral treatment in Dodoma, Tanzania

Gina Schwieger (HPRO) – Evaluation of Adult Mental Health First Aid: Findings from 2015-2017 Post-Course Surveys        

Jessica Semin (PHA) – Assessment & Evaluation: Breast Cancer Patient Assistance Program in Nebraska

Mariam Taiwo (HPRO) – The Development of a School Lunch Observation Measure to Assess School District Lunch Menu Implementation

Tatiana Tchouankam Tchatchouang Lowe (MCH) – Food Security, SNAP Benefit Duration, Income Level and the Relationship with Depression in Households with Children in Omaha

Liene Topko (PHA) – Examination of Collaborative Efforts of Central District to Achieve Success of the Community Health Improvement Plan

Olugbadero Yerokun (PHPo) – Establishing an Active Reproductive Health Center and a Sliding Fee Scale at Bellevue Health Clinic

Master of Public Health Dual Degree Program Graduates & Capstone Project Title

Olivia Chambers (SMHC)Employee Wellness at Private Clinic in Omaha, NE: Social Marketing & Health Communication Perspective

Sara Preston (PHA) – Protecting against Burnout – An Assessment of Douglas County Community Mental Health Center’s Professionals

PhD Graduates & Dissertation Titles

Jonathan Ali (EOH) – Organizational effects of defeminizing toxicants: lessons learned from an environmental sentinel organism, the fathead minnow.

Brittany Corley (EPI) – Relationships between Complex Pediatric Health Conditions and the Built, Physical and Social Environments

Molly McCarthy (HPRO) – Public health perspectives on family planning


Key to Abbreviations for Student’s Concentration

BIOS = Biostatistics
CHE = Community Health Education
COPC = Community-Oriented Primary Care
EPI = Epidemiology
EOH = Environmental and Occupational Health
HPRO = Health Promotion
MCH = Maternal & Child Health
PHA = Public Health Administration
SMHC = Social Marketing and Health Communication
PHPr = Public Health Practice
PHPo = Public Health Policy

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