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COPH Notable Mentions

COPH Notable Mentions – In the Fall 2016 semester, the following students fulfilled the requirements for the Certificate in Public Health, Certificate in Emergency Preparedness, Master of Public Health, Master of Science in Emergency Preparedness and Doctor of Philosophy.

Congratulations to all these graduating students! Best wishes to them in their chosen public health professions.

Certificate in Emergency Preparedness

Namuun Bat-Erdene

Certificate in Public Health

Kathryn Grafel

Jan Moore 

Master of Public Health Graduates & Capstone Project

Sarah Aurit (BIOS) – Parkinson’s Disease and Cancer Incidence: a Review of Nebraska Registry Data   

Julia Barnes (EOH) – A Cross Sectional Study of Upper Respiratory Health of San Diego County Residents in High and Low Traffic Areas

Andrea Bradley (PHA) – Nebraska Health Care Professionals’ Perceptions of Resource Availability and Unmet Needs for Cancer Survivors 

Joseph Costello (PHP) –  Paving the Policy Parkway for the Nation’s First Supervised Injection Facility

Mariah Gesink (EPI) – Observed and Expected Incidence of Cervical Cancer from Referral Hospitals in the Mbeya and Mwanza Regions of Tanzania, 2011-2014

Caitlin Golden (HPRO) – “Grow Your Own” program: A summer community garden program for children and youth in the Metro-Omaha area.

Trang Hoang (EOH) – An Assessment of the Current Services and Perceived Health Needs of Posyandu’s Attendees from the Maternal, Child and Senior Health Fairs in Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Madeline Howell (EOH) – Birth Defects in Nebraska: Spatial and Temporal Variations through Watershed Delineations and Agricultural Seasonality

Nithal Kuwa (PHA) – The Development of a Culturally Appropriate Survey to Examine Cervical Cancer Knowledge, Attitude and Practices: Best Practices in Sudanese and South Sudanese Community.

Melissa Leon  (COPC) – Rural Hispanic Views on Physical Activity in Nebraska

Rachel McCarthy (PHA) – Moving Toward Integrated Care – An Assessment of Douglas County Health Center’s Readiness for Future Behavioral Health and Primary Care Integration

Jannah Obaid (EOH) – Establishing evidence-based recommendations for community garden best practices through an analysis of the literature and reports for the environmental and fiscal sustainability of the South Omaha Community Garden

Yushma Pant (HPRO) – Pilot Nutrition Intervention with the Bhutanese Refugee Population in Omaha, Nebraska

Sanjana Ramesh (SMHC) – The Community Market Basket: A Social Marketing Perspective

Annie Rohde (MCH) – Evaluating the Health Needs of Schools in Five Rural Counties in Southeast Nebraska

Yi Wang (BIOS) – Association between mesh reinforcement and hiatal hernia recurrence in patients at Nebraska Medicine

Master of Science (MS) in Emergency Preparedness Graduates & Capstone Project

Jonathon Gruba – Barriers to Pediatric Disaster Triage Policy Compliance: A Survey of Nebraska Emergency Departments

PhD Graduates & Dissertation Titles

Lisa Weissenburger-Moser Boyd (EPI) –  The Effect of Agricultural Exposures and Genetics on Respiratory Phenotypes

Aastha Chandak (HSRA) – Adoption of Medication Management Technologies by U.S. Acute Care 

David Taylor (HPRO) – Behavioral Care for Children in Urban and Rural Integrated Primary Care

Kate Trout (HSRA) – The Impact of Electronic Health Records on Healthcare Service Delivery, Patient Safety, and Quality 


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