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Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health Recommended for 5 More Years of Funding

Spotlight on Research at COPH – The Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health (CS-CASH), a NIOSH agricultural forestry and fishing Center, has received recommendation for a second 5 year cycle of funding beginning September 2016.

The aims of CS-CASH are to conduct high quality research and translate scientific discoveries into practical applications to reduce the burden of injury and illness among farmers, ranchers, their families, and workers. The Center has high scientific and technical competency, is forward looking, and has a strong network of collaborators providing regional leadership in research and outreach. During the prior project period, the Center built a cohesive approach that linked planning, evaluation, research, and outreach to reduce agricultural occupational injury and illness. The proposed Outreach Core has a special emphasis on vulnerable populations: women, veteran farmers, immigrant workers, and Native Americans. Several Center projects address health and safety in feed yard and livestock production work; a major gap in previous efforts of the Ag Centers. The injury surveillance program will be expanded to employ several innovative tracking methods. The Center also has collaborative agreements with several other Ag centers to work on issues of mutual importance.

Funded Components and Projects of the Center include:

  • Planning and Evaluation Core – Dr. Risto Rautiainen Director, Dr. Todd Wyatt Deputy Director, Jenelle Pomicter Administrator, Ellen Duysen Coordinator, Dr. Mary Cramer Evaluation PI, Mary Wendl Evaluator
  • Outreach Core – Dr. Debra Romberger PI, Dr. Aaron Yoder PI, Ellen Duysen Coordinator
  • Pilot/Feasibilty Program – Dr. Elli Rogan PI, Ellen Duysen Coordinator
  • Agricultural Dust-Induced Airway Injury and Repair: An IL-10 Centered Approach – Dr. Jill Poole and Dr. Todd Wyatt, Co-I
  • Enhancing the Health and Safety of Range Bison Herd Workers – Dr. Clayton Kelling PI (UNL)
  • Health and Safety Risks Among Immigrant Cattle Feedyard Workers in the Central States Region – Athena Ramos PI
  • Surveillance of Agricultural Injury and Illness in the Central States Region- Dr. Risto Rautiainen PI, Dr. Jane Meza, Dr. Lorena Baccaglini, Dr. Fernando Wilson

Dr. Risto Rautiainen, Director of CS-CASH, looks forward to continuing the Center’s impactful research, prevention and outreach measures.

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  1. Ketki Patel says:

    Keep up the good work team CS-CASH!! Kudos to all your hard work and wishing the Center many more successes down the road.

    Had a great time working with you all during my tenure with CS-CASH.
    Ketki Patel

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