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Spring 2016 Certificate, MPH, MS and PhD Graduates

COPH Notable Mentions – In the Spring 2016 semester, the following students fulfilled the requirements for the   Certificate in Public Health, Certificate in Community Oriented Primary Care, Master of Public Health, Master of Science in Emergency Preparedness and Doctor of Philosophy.

Congratulations to all these graduating students! Best wishes to them in their chosen public health professions.

Certificate in Community Oriented Primary Care

Matthew Dorwart

Certificate in Public Health

Florence Duran
Alexandra Farfalla
JoVanora Giles Galbreath
Mariah Morgan
Sarah Swanson
Corri Synak

Master of Public Health Graduates & Capstone Project

Saleh Alessy (EPI) – Seasonal Variations in the Diagnosis of Childhood Leukemia in Makah, Saudi Arabia, 2010–2012

Kate Boulter (HPRO) – Healthcare literacy in a low-income predominantly Hispanic population: An assessment of this community’s access to digital healthcare education and interest in attending Information Technology education sessions

Autumn Cummings (EPI) – Cervical cancer screening and HIV status in rural Tanzania

Christine Geistkemper (HPRO) – Building an Evidence-Based Social Engagement Program for Adults with Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease in Nebraska: a summary of evidence with program recommendations

Tess Hansen (EPI) – Regional patterns of tobacco- and alcohol-associated cancers among American Indians in Michigan: Improvement through data linkage

Jocelyn Herstein (EOH) – A Needs Assessment of Infection Control Training of Red Cross Volunteers Working in Shelters

Tai Hoang (EOH) – Assessment of Chemical Exposures in Nails Salons in Omaha: a preliminary study

Kelsey Irvine (HPRO) – Worker Safety Practices Among American Indian Bison Handlers: A Needs Assessment

Beeta Kashani (MCH) – HPV Vaccination Rates and Barriers Among Native Americans in Michigan

Surbhi Khullar (EPI) – Analysis of patient-related factors associated with stage of oral cancer diagnosis

Aurora Le (COPC) – Utilizing a Community Oriented Primary Care Approach to Assess Mental Health in the Bhutanese Refugee Population in Omaha, Nebraska

Devon Liston (PHA) – Access to Health Service among Former Foster Youth in Eastern Nebraska: A Service Providers’ Perspective

Shannon Melton (HPRO) – Evaluation of Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance’s Healthy Home Assessments for Families with Children with Asthma

Lauren Monroe (PHA) – Identifying and addressing barriers to breastfeeding in African American and underserved WIC clinic mothers in order to improve program effectiveness

Gregory Moser (PHPr) – An Analysis of Nebraska Local Health Department Community Health Improvement Implementation Efforts

Stephanie Nelson (PHA) – Developing Processes, Tools, and Templates for Collecting and Maintaining Member Profiles and for Producing Annual Profile Reports of NALHD

Zijian “Egg” Qin (EPI) – Factors associated with 30-day readmission of patients at a Nebraska hospital system

Laura Robbins (PHA) – Exploring the Perceptions of Employee Caregiver Needs among Omaha Area Businesses

Brianna Rooney (EPI) – Factors related to cervical cancer screening attendance barriers at a district hospital in rural Tanzania

Kaeli Samson (BIOS) – A Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Cervical Cancer in Bulgaria

Ami Sedani (EPI) – The Impact of Initiating Screening Programs on Referral and Management of Cervical Cancer in Tanzania

Shabana Sidhu (MCH) – A Brief Evaluation of the Nebraska Birth Defects Registry

Claire Williams (MCH) – Behavioral and Mental Health Resources and Stakeholders in the Plattsmouth, Nebraska Community

Allison Woolcott (HPRO) – Impact of an Eight-Week Mindfulness Meditation Course: A Pilot Study

Kossi Zotoglo (COPC) – The Burden of Access to Healthcare in South East Omaha – Douglas County

Master of Science (MS) in Emergency Preparedness Graduates & Capstone Project

Umeda Sadykova – Establishment of Comprehensive Training Center in Tajikistan

Brian Smith – Point of Dispensing Exercises in a Rural Community

Zoumana Traore – Using The Minimum Data Set (MDS) To Triage Residents For Systematic Evaluation Of Long Term Care Facilities

PhD Graduates & Dissertation Titles

Harpriya Kaur (EPI) – Human papillomavirus and its impact on vulnerable populations

Yang Wang (HSRA) – Essays on Immigration-Related Disparities in Health Behavior and Health Care Utilization


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