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Annual UNMC College of Public Health Student Research Day

Student Research Day

Spotlight on Research at COPH –The Annual Student Research Day held April 6, 2016, at UNMC’s College of Public Health continues to grow, and showcase some of the outstanding work being done by COPH students. This year’s event was held during National Public Health Week, on April 6th, and featured poster presentations from a mix of MPH and Ph.D. students.

Dr. Tricia D. LeVan, Chair of the COPH Research Committee, which helps organize the event commented, “We had 20 poster presentations this year, and I was very impressed by the quality and diversity of the research being done by our students. The event was very well attended by faculty and staff, which contributed to the excitement of the College of Public Health’s 10th anniversary. I look forward to the next ten years! Great job students!”

Research represented work that students have done in collaboration with faculty, community partners, and other students. To participate, students had to submit abstracts to a review committee, and the student had to be the lead author. Attendees of the event were impressed by the geographic reach of student work and breadth of topics covered. All posters were reviewed by a panel of judges, with the following posters receiving honors:

MPH Student Presentations:

Kaeli Samson (Biostatistics), “Spatial and Temporal Changes in Cervical Cancer Burden over 21 Years in Bulgaria: Implications for Eastern European Countries Going Through Transition.”

Jocelyn Herstein (Environmental, Agricultural and Occupational Health), “U.S. Ebola Treatment Centers: An Inventory of Capabilities.”

Beeta Kashani (Maternal and Child Health), ” HPV Vaccine Uptake in Michigan Native American Populations.”

Zijian Qin (Epidemiology), ” Thirty-Day Readmission Patterns within a Nebraska Hospital System.”

Adekunle Adeyemi (Environmental, Agricultural and Occupational Health), ” Assessing Formaldehyde Exposure and Personal Protective Equipment use at the University of Nebraska Medical Center Gross Anatomy Dissection Room.”

PhD Student Presentations:

Katherine Rieke (Epidemiology), “Depression and Survival in Head and Neck Cancer Patients.”

Bodhisattwa Mondal, (Environmental, Agricultural and Occupational Health), “Effect of Polydatin in Estrogen-DNA Adduct Formation.”

Anggondowati Trisari, (Epidemiology), “The Effect of Treatment Waiting Time on Survival of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients.”

Poppy E. Deviany (Epidemiology), “Different characteristics of lung cancer patients according to age at diagnosis and factors associated with treatment refusal. An analysis of the National Cancer Data Base 1998 – 2012.”

Congratulations to these students, and all of the students who participated in the event. The college also recognizes the effort of faculty members in mentoring and advising students on each of these projects. We look forward to seeing more great work next year!

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