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Fall 2015 Graduates

COPH Notable Mentions – In the Fall 2015 semester, the following students fulfilled the requirements for the College of Public Health Certificate in Public Health, College of Public Health Certificate in Emergency Preparedness, College of Public Health Master of Public Health and the College of Public Health Doctor of Philosophy. Congratulations to all these graduating students! Best wishes to them in their chosen public health professions.

Certificate in Public Health:

Victoria Nsubuga Nakibuuka-Muli

Certificate in Public Health (Maternal Child Health)

Jennifer Dale Sharrick

Certificate in Public Health (Emergency Preparedness)

Jonathon Joseph Gruba

Jill Ann Kurzenberger

Master of Public Health Graduates & Capstone Project

Karli (Burt) Davis – Employee Perceptions of Healthfulness of Snacks and Beverages in Vending Machines in Public Institutions

Josie (Finney) Ehlers – Hearing loss, noise exposures and hearing protection use in Midwestern farmers: a preliminary analysis

Asserewou Etekpo – Difference in MUC 4 Expression and Phenotypic Characteristics of Pancreatic Cyst in Comparison to Pancreatic Cancer in Egypt.

Jaime Gabel – Clinical and Epidemiologic Variations of Esophageal Cancer in Tanzania.

Dana Gill – Determining the Need for an Educational Intervention in the Omaha Hospitality Industry to Raise Awareness of Sex Trafficking

Katie Haworth – Child and Teen Checkup Texting Outreach Pilot Program

Tyler Irvine – The Future of Community-Oriented Public Health in the Context of Community Health Needs Assessments: a Case Study of the Panhandle Public Health District

Emily (Persson) Kreikemeier – Characterization of Invasive Fungal Infections (IFI) in Oncology Patients at an Academic Medical Center: Focus on Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)

Pravash Manandhar – Occupational Exposure to Nitrous Oxide in Pediatric Dentistry

Joan Nelson – The Effects Of Severe Weather Warnings On Limited English Proficient (LEP) Hispanics/Latinos In Rural Nebraska

Patty Scholting – Addressing Chronic Disease through Community-Oriented Primary Care: A Survey of Nebraska Health Professional’s Perception of Nutrition Knowledge

Brittany Schwartz – Feasibility of digital photography plate waste study with meal participation as evaluation for Colorado school scratch-cooking initiative

Benjamin Whitsitt – Predictive Factors Associated with In-hospital Mortality for Patients across the Sepsis Spectrum

Katherine (Meyer) Vanicek- Utilizing a Community-Oriented Primary Care Model to Address Oral Health in School-Based Health Centers


Master of Science (MS) in Emergency Preparedness Graduates & Capstone Project

Mallory Darais – Examining Employee Knowledge of the Jennie Edmundson Hospital Active Shooter Policy

Joan Nelson- The Effects Of Severe Weather Warnings On Limited English Proficient (LEP) Hispanics/Latinos In Rural Nebraska


PhD Graduates & Dissertation Titles

Guangming Han – Postural Responses to Perturbations of the Vestibular System During Walking in Healthy Young and Older Adults

Jung Hung Chien – Health Effects of Serum Lycopene on Metabolic Syndrome and Mortality in the Adult Population


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