University of Nebraska Medical Center

COPH Faculty Team Supports Nebraska Medicine in Clinical Effectiveness and Efficiency

Faculty members at the College of Public Health are supporting the Nebraska Medicine’s Clinical Enterprise for the Clinical Effectiveness and Efficiency (CE2) efforts. This effort is a part of one of the UNMC strategic goals to ensure that UNMC Colleges and Institutes are optimally integrated with Nebraska Medicine in the patient care settings. This effort will help towards reducing patients’ morbidity and mortality and healthcare costs, improving patient experience and health outcomes. CE2 is multi-disciplinary team comprised of MDs, nurses, allied health professionals, administrators, industrial engineers and COPH faculty members, collectively working toward this goal. COPH team members interact with other CE2 team members to provide support in a number of areas. They help in determining the root causes of a problem and provide data management and analysis for outcome reporting. Regular reports are generated and presentations on key performance indicators are discussed. Other activities include opportunity analysis, benefits calculation, evaluating process and system redesign alternatives for decision making. This effort consists of three main phases; Design, Implementation and Evaluation Phase. Over the past year, a number of changes based on initial findings by the CE2 team have been designed. Some of the changes have been initiated and are now transitioning into the implementation phase. Other changes are in the process of being planned. Overall, these changes are expected to lead to improved effectiveness and efficiency for patients hospitalized at Nebraska Medicine.

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