University of Nebraska Medical Center

Summer 2014 MPH Graduates

Public Health Practice – In the summer 2014 semester, the following students completed their Service Learning/Capstone Experience to fulfill the requirements of the professional degree, Master of Public Health, at the College of Public Health at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Congratulations to these professional students! Best wishes to them all in their chosen profession of public health.


Brock Hanisch Modeling the Potential Community-Wide Benefits of a Jail-Based Screen-and-Treat Program for Chlamydia
Meredith Keith Estimated Incidence Rate of Suicide among Northern Plains American Indian Young Adults and Possible Predicting Characteristics Related to Suicidal Ideation, Attempts,and Completions among This Group: A Descriptive Study
Daniel Lomelin Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy: Does Medical Community Experience Translate Into Improved Surgical Outcomes in the Patient Population?
Celeste Reker Synthetic Analysis of Progesterone Therapy Effect on Preterm Birth
Philip Rongisch The State of Non-Medical Home Care: An Analysis of Industry Trends and Future Directions
Leslie Scofield Assessing Nebraska’s Network of Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Programs Level of Engagement in Community Disaster Readiness Planning
Mikayla Wiese Physical Health Needs in Persons with Severe Mental Illness – A Population Study
Harouna Zouladeny Epidemiologic and Clinical Profile of Breast Diseases in Niger

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