University of Nebraska Medical Center

Spring 2014 MPH Graduates



Public Health Practice – In the spring 2014 semester, the following students completed their Service Learning/Capstone Experience to fulfill the requirements of the professional degree, Master of Public Health, at the College of Public Health at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Congratulations to these professional students! Best wishes to them all in their chosen profession of public health.

Patrick Wortmann Assessment of Chemical Safety Training in an Academic Health Center
Kelli Gruber Disparities in the Utilization of Minimally Invasive Surgery for Colon Cancer
Treatment: A Linked Dataset of Population-Based Cancer Registry and
Inpatient Hospital Discharge Data
Raul Rakhmatullin Examining Association of Neighborhood Socioeconomic Indicators and
Lung Cancer Incidence in Nebraska
Kelly Erickson An Examination of Fetal Deaths in Douglas and Sarpy Counties, Nebraska,
by Maternal Race and Ethnicity
Theresa Buck Laying the Foundation for HeartCaring® Success at a Community Hospital
in Virginia
Erin Smith Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs and Physical Function Outcomes of
African-American Adults Before and After a Healthy Diet and Physical
Activity Intervention Program
Hesty Tumangke The Indoor Air Quality and Children with Asthma among Low Income
Families in Omaha
Audrey Strothkamp Design and Evaluation of School Garden-Based Pilot Program
Austin Person Barriers to Utilization of STD Services at Charles Drew Health Center
Prangwipa Malakan Understanding Health Services Processes for Newly Resettled
Refugees in Omaha
Jesse Davy Predictive Value of Admissions Data and DISC Scores for Future
Run Risk Among Adolescent Females Admitted to Boys Town
Gajendra Bajracharya Analysis of Risk Factors of Breast Cancer Occurrence – Results from a
Case Control Study in Nebraska
Matthew Thielker Exploring Environmental Cues: Influence of Pan Fill on Lunchroom
Food Selection

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