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A Note to Our Readers:

The May 2014 issue marks the completion of The GroundBreaker’s third year. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about how COPH faculty, students, and alumni are addressing a broad range of public health issues through their research, education, and service activities, and we’re looking forward to continuing to share relevant public health and COPH news with you.

We want to let you know about some upcoming changes for The GroundBreaker. Beginning with the publication of the next issue, in September 2014, The GroundBreaker will be published bimonthly during the academic year, September through May. Leadership of The GroundBreaker is also changing—Denise Britigan, who has led The GroundBreaker team for the last three years, is concluding her service as editor. Analisa McMillan has agreed to serve as editor, beginning with the September issue. The COPH is grateful to both Denise and Analisa for their leadership.

Thanks for your interest in, and support of, the UNMC COPH. The next issue of The GroundBreaker will be delivered to your inbox (if you’re a subscriber) and available on the web on September 30, 2014. Have a great summer!

The GroundBreaker Team: Denise Britigan, Sergio Costa, Aleta Gaertner, Sue Nardie, Brenda Nickol, Analisa McMillan, Lea Pounds, and Atul Rayamajhi

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