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Eleanor G. Rogan, PhD

Eleanor G. Rogan, PhD
Eleanor G. Rogan, PhD

Faculty Highlight – Dr. Rogan sees her main mission as facilitating opportunities for students and faculty in the Environmental, Agricultural and Occupational Health Department, from teaching to research to service.  She has played an integral role in the growth of the college, its programs, and its research agenda. In her lectures in professional and graduate student courses, she tries to engage the students to see possibilities for them to use their talents, skills, and interests. Her goal is for students to learn the essential knowledge and to begin to think about it creatively. She is facilitating the establishment of joint degree programs with UNO and UNL, as well as promoting some of the department’s courses that relate to other educational programs. Dr. Rogan is well-respected by her students. She was a 2010 recipient of the college’s Excellence in Teaching Award.

Dr. Rogan’s research involves environmental health, especially with regard to cancer-causing substances.  She investigates how estrogens start the process leading to cancer, with the goal of preventing cancer. She finds Nebraska interesting because of all the agrichemicals used throughout the state. She also spends time working to develop research or service projects relevant to environmental, agricultural, and occupational health in Nebraska and the developing world. As part of these efforts, she works with the Daugherty Water for Food Institute at UNL and with the National Park Service, which has a regional office here in Omaha.  Despite the short time since the department was formed, with six part-time faculty members, faculty are engaged in environmental and occupational health projects that literally span the globe.

Dr. Rogan serves as chair of the Department of Environmental, Agricultural and Occupational Health, chair of the college’s Teaching Award Committee, and chair of the UNMC Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee. She liaises with the Daugherty Water for Food Institute and UNL, and facilitates interactions with the National Park Service. She also facilitates collaboration between the College of Public Health, UNL and UNO.

Eleanor G. Rogan, PhD, is a professor and chair of the UNMC COPH Department of Environmental, Agricultural and Occupational Health, and a professor in the UNMC Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer and Allied Diseases.

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