University of Nebraska Medical Center

Characterization of Occupational Hazards and Social Justice Issues among Latino Workers in Omaha.

Dr. Chandran Achutan, assistant professor in the COPH Department of Environmental, Agricultural and Occupational Health, and Mr. Sergio Sosa, executive director of the Heartland Workers Center, will co-lead this project. The UNMC COPH will partner with the Heartland Workers Center to identify the occupational hazards faced by Latino workers so that a more tailored approach for intervention is developed. Long term, the project aims to improve the health of Latino workers in Omaha by identifying the health and safety challenges faced by Hispanic workers in South Omaha through a Spanish questionnaire and by developing community service activities, including free hearing tests, and safety trainings. Mr. Sosa said that “The Heartland Workers Center hopes to continue working with the COPH to further develop the survey and execute it, in order to improve workplace health and safety. This grant is a great stepping stone to move this issue forward and to create a culture of safety.”

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