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Jiangtao Luo, PhD, Research on Statistical Methodology and Applications

Jiangtao Luo, PhD

Spotlight on Research at COPH – Dr. Jiangtao Luo’s research interests are in both statistical methodology and applications. His research areas include statistical methods in genetics and genomics, clinical genetics, genetic epidemiology, modeling, optimal design in clinical trials, public health, longitudinal data analysis, and Bayesian analysis. Dr. Luo’s work with Dr. William Hager has an important application in optimal design, which can result in a more efficient use of resources. Dr. Luo and his collaborators Dr. Hager and Dr. Rongling Wu have developed a model for functional mapping of a virus-cell dynamic system that they believe will be a practical and effective method for gene discovery in clinical settings. Dr. Luo is currently working with Dr. Jane Meza and Dr. Jim Anderson on optimal design in clinical trials with financial constraints. This research will provide cost effective designs in clinical trials. Dr. Luo is also working with Dr. Ge Lin, Dr. Baojiang Chen, and Dr. Fang Yu on problems related to low birth weight and cancer.

Dr. Luo is an active collaborator in research. He is a Children’s Oncology Group statistician. He also serves as a consultant for statistical design and analysis of clinical trials. Dr. Luo enjoys mentoring students and teaching biostatistics, design of medical studies, and biostatistical linear models.

Jiangtao Luo, PhD, is an assistant professor in the UNMC COPH Department of Biostatistics.

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