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Baojiang Chen, PhD

Baojiang Chen, PhD

Faculty Highlight – Dr. Chen teaches three Biostatistics concentration courses for the COPH MPH Program: Survival Data Analysis, Correlated Data Analysis, and Special Topics in Biostatistics: Linear Algebra. He also serves as a guest lecturer on introductory statistics to residents in the radiology program.  During the past year, Dr. Chen developed two courses for the new PhD program in Biostatistics.

Dr. Chen’s current research focuses on both methodological development and statistical applications.  He seeks to develop new and innovative statistical methods for handling missing data in longitudinal and survival analyses.  Missing data are increasingly common in observational studies and occurs when patients do not fully participate in clinical trials.  For example a patient may fail to attend the clinic, refuse to undergo a complete examination, or drop out the study prior to completion.  In many of these cases, researchers implement a method to address the missing data, such as the complete case analysis, which can yield biased results.  Dr. Chen proposes new methods to correct the selection biases and provide valid statistical inference.

Dr. Chen’s statistical methods and applications research focuses on, but is not limited to, public health, Alzheimer’s disease studies, and cancer studies.  Dr. Chen enjoys applying his biostatical knowledge in collaboration with UNMC investigators and has completed 24 consulting projects where he conducted statistical analysis.  Additionally, Dr. Chen is a co-principle investigator on one pending RO1 grant, a co-investigator on two active grants, and a co-investigator on eight pending grants. Dr. Chen continues to seek more opportunities to collaborate with his UNMC colleagues.

Baojiang Chen, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biostatistics at the UNMC College of Public Health.

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