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Public Health and Medical Disaster Response in Action: The Joplin story.

UNMC’s College of Public Health begins National Preparedness Month by launching a marketing campaign for a national conference entitled: Public Health and Medical Disaster Response in Action: The Joplin story. The conference will bring together representatives from the Joplin, MO community’s response agencies and organizations as well as the hospitals that were directly affected by the disaster, to tell their stories of how they responded to this catastrophic tornado and share their lessons learned.

More information can be found at http://www.preped.org/Training/2011-JoplinConf.html

This conference showcases the many programs offered by the College of Public Health’s Center for Biopreparedness, Biosecurity and Emerging Infectious Diseases. The Center has been operational since 2002 and The Center’s mission is to enhance preparedness skills and knowledge of professionals in the field, in the areas of medical preparedness, first responder preparedness, public health preparedness, and business/industry preparedness through affordable, needs-based training; customized organizational assistance; and comprehensive resources.
National Preparedness Month also marks the launch of the College of Public Health’s post-baccalaureate Certificate in Emergency Preparedness. This program requires 18 credits to complete and the Center’s ten year repertoire of educational programs will serve as the basis for the design, development and delivery of emergency preparedness-related curricula. The Federal Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) core focus areas will form the structural basis for all course development and are as follows: Prevent, Protect, Respond and Recover.

For more information on this program visit our website at: http://www.unmc.edu/publichealth/CertificateProgram.htm

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