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Perinatal Neuroscience and its Impact…

Dr. Nils Bergman is coming to Omaha! June 7, 2011 You’re invited!

“Perinatal Neuroscience and its Impact on Reducing Infant Mortality in Third World Countries”
Explore the science and evidence that drives practices after birth, including public health implementation of skin-to-skin contact

UNMC, College of Public Health, Auditorium, Room 3013
Time : 9:00 – 10:30 am
Refreshments will be served

Dr. Bergman’s passion starts with “skin-to-skin contact”, his preferred term for what many people call Kangaroo Care. Dr Bergman regards maternal-infant skin-to-skin contact as a first and critical intervention in perinatology, with broad public health impacts and implications. His expertise extends to developmental neuroscience, breast-feeding, neonatology and obstetrics. He takes an integrated view of these areas, regarding skin-to-skin contact as the neurological pre-requisite to successful breast-feeding, with neonatal and obstetric care re-orienting its purpose to maintaining the integrity of the mother-infant dyad. This holistic view he terms “Kangaroo Mother Care”. He was however previously a hospital manager, and is currently a Public Health Physician, and sees these issues in the broader context of hospitals, health systems and society as a whole.

More information can be access at –  http://www.kangaroomothercare.com/drbergman.htm for more information.

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