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The GroundBreaker

In the spirit of partnership and the collaborative nature of public health work, our College defined its mission and role: to promote optimal health and well-being through robust education, research, and service in collaboration with communities in Nebraska, across the country, and around the world. We reflected on who we were and what we offer. We listened to each other and transformed into words what we do. And every day, we transform the words of our mission statement into action. As we deliver on the promises in our mission statement, we welcome you to the first issue of The GroundBreaker – our electronic monthly newsletter that will inform communities about what we are accomplishing and who we are.

There are many of us! Faculty and staff in the College work to

  • —protect the public from health hazards;
  • —overcome inequitable access to health care and reduce minority health disparities;
  • —redress occupational hazards and threats to our environment and ecological systems;
  • —examine the impact of health policies on populations;
  • —address health workforce shortages in rural, tribal, and other areas of need;
  • —bring awareness of the legal and ethical implications of our work;
  • —provide support to researchers who advance the field of public health; and
  • —reach out across the globe to communities in need of our expertise as we grow personally and professionally through these partnerships.

Our staff provides the essential and critical support and service to our College and communities. Our friends in the public health departments and health workforce are the champions in the field and who work tirelessly for the public. Our sponsors and the people of Nebraska provide the resources to enable us to do the highest quality of work. Most importantly, there is the public – whose health matters to us and whose trust we highly value. We are committed to them.

Each issue of The GroundBreaker will have six sections: Faculty Highlight, Student Highlight, Research Spotlight, Public Health Community Advisory, Public Health in the National News, and Events.

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