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The Science of Food


A food loving crowd of over 200 came to the Omaha Science Cafe held at 7 p.m. on Dec. 9 at the Slowdown, 729, N. 14th St.

Paul Kulilk, owner and head chef at Le Bouillon and executive chef at The Boiler Room restaurant,  talked about the science of food preparation at the December cafe.

Born in Germany and raised in Omaha, Kulik began working in kitchens at the age of 15. While he dutifully pursued the career of his father, an engineer, and completed degrees in engineering, physics and French, his true passion was in the kitchen. Kulik credits working at Washington, D.C.’s Montmartre restaurant for cementing his love of French cooking. Though he spent time working in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Paris and Berlin, he ultimately returned to and spent five years running La Buvette, a small, French-inspired wine bar in Omaha. That helped Kulik forge relationships with local growers and dedicated producers of top quality traditional foods. Kulik’s food at The Boiler Room is rooted in the belief that quality at the table comes from the ground. He uses a daily-changing menu that employs the rustic European table sensibilities that make delicious taste a priority for meals. A few years ago, Kulik was named a James Beard Best Chef Midwest semifinalist.

Science Cafe is a free educational event sponsored by UNMC and other groups to increase the population’s science literacy. Hosted by UNMC and the Nebraska Coalition for Lifesaving Cures, Science Cafes are held the first Tuesday of each month in Omaha and a few times a year in Lincoln. They are open to everyone 21 and older.

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