UNMC Student Senate

Student Senate Minutes 10/30/2019

Student Senate Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019 – Sorrell Center 2018, 5:30pm

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Guest Speakers
    1. Emily McElroy- Director of the Library
      1. Talking about the library renovation and updates to the project.
      1. The renovations will include:
        1. Natural lighting – improved tech and lighting throughout
        1. 24/7 library access
        1. ~55 new sound proof study rooms
        1. Expanded makers space
        1. Writing Center will return to Library
        1. 3 Reflection Rooms
        1. Flexible furniture
          1. Standing desks
          1. Potential for demo furniture for students to try and provide input for what will permanently be in the library
        1. Healthy vending machines
        1. Potential 4th floor café/grab & go – negotiations with Sodexo on going
        1. Increased 3D printing options
        1. Tentative Timeline
          1. Level 6 – Mid-May 2020
          1. Level 7 – Early July 2020
          1. Level 8 – January 2021
        1. Marketing will be releasing videos of how to navigate the tunnels while the Wittson passthrough is closed for construction
  4. Approval of Minutes from last two meetings – Approved
  5. Advisor’s Report
  6. Phil Covington Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Success 
  7. Nearing completion of draft of the NU system Student Code of Conduct that we will be able to share with all campuses soon 
  8. Continuing to work with ITS on issues related to the intelligent hub, with primary current work focused on incoming students 
  9. Student Report of Concern: Tunnel VPN coming on unexpectedly when away from campus network. We’ll need messaging related to this to be distributed via UNMC Vitals 
  10. Working on records access for parents/guests 
  11. Working on additional study space listings as students are reporting a need for more. 
  12. Get your flu shots 
  13. Executive Council’s Reports:
    1. President:
      1. Priority Candidate for the next president of the University System Walter “Ted” Carter was announced last week.  We have begun the 30 day vetting process where he will be traveling around the state and various campuses meeting people. He will be on campus in the following weeks to meet with students and members of UNMC
        1. Link to press conference with Admiral Carter –
      1. November 7th at 6:30, on the UNL campus there will be a forum to talk about a proposal for the lowering of the Age of Majority for healthcare decisions from 19 to 18. If you want to attend that I can give out more information.
      1. Finalists for the AVC for Inclusivity position were announced, we will be inviting them to speak to students on campus as well.  I will send out more information
      1. Another plug for the Peer Support Program, Please reach out to Dr. Carver to volunteer for this position. 
      1. UNMC Vitals being tested this week and last week.  Thoughts on layout or content?  Still open to feedback.
        1. Calendar (M, T, W, TH, F) rather than list of events
        1. Potentially breaking it down by college to reduce length of event list
        1. Let Sarah Hotovy know if you did not receive UNMC Vitals this week
    1. Vice President
      1. Alumni Council – talk of council funding senate or other UNMC events for interprofessional events
      1. GSA President – Student Health Insurance Advisory Committee
        1. Considering how to combat increased premiums for student health insurance while maintaining a quality plan
        1. Leave of absence for Graduate Students
    1. Secretary-  
      1. Website is nearly complete – waiting on 3 more photos from
      1. Please join the ENGAGE
    1. Treasurer
      1. Tupperware focused goal for other student groups – “Biggest Loser” idea for sustainability?
        1. Initial weigh in of waste from student group meeting and then have ‘weigh ins’ throughout the rest of the semester and the group with the greatest reduction in waste would earn a pizza party or other such reward
        1. Suggestions on how we weigh it – reach out to Tina at the Office of Sustainability (they weighed all the cardboard from the We Are UNMC BBQ)
        1. Can we get a set of plates & utensils that SODEXO could wash and groups could reuse?
  14. Committee Reports
    1. Executive –
    1. Academic Affairs
    1. Activities- 
    1. Issues
      1. BOSS proposals submission deadline November 7th
  15. College Reports
    1. College of Allied Health –
    1. College of Dentistry  –
    1. College of Graduate Studies –
    1. College of Medicine-
    1. College of Nursing
      1. Grand Piano 2nd Floor College of Nursing
    1. College of Pharmacy-
      1. November 5th & 7th last student run flu shot clinics
    1. College of Public Health –
    1. Liaison Reports-
    1. New Business
      1. New Proposals
        1. Student Organization Approval Proposal – TABLED
          1. First Amendment Right infringement concern with current language, very little can be done to stop a group from forming and being approved
        1. Student Communications Proposal – PASSED
          1. UNMC Vitals – Fully up and running by February 1st, 2020
          1. Student Communication Email – What to do with a last minute change when student communication is no longer?
            1. Robust  groups on ENGAGE
        1. Inclusivity Table Talk Proposal – PASSED
        1. BOSS Proposal- PASSED
          1. Monthly submission option
        1. Townhall Proposal – PASSED
          1. $300 per college
          1. Completed by the end of February
          1. Does the College of Dentistry pay Fund A – Dr. Covington will report back

Next Meeting:

  • Committee – November 13th, 2019  in MSC 2018
    • Full Senate –December 4th, 2019  in MSC 2018
  • Adjournment