UNMC Student Senate

Student Senate Meeting Minutes 9/30/30

Wednesday, 9/30/20– ZOOM Meeting Room, 5:30pm 

1. Call to Order 

Called to order at 5:32 

2. Roll Call 

Tom Schroeder, Taylor Kratochvil, Wes Ernst, Kyrsten Vance, Hannah Tandon, Anthony Stephenson, Hannah Lund, Shelby Blum/Rose, Aishwarya Bapat, Kayla Johannes, Brady Caverzagie, Skyler MacLean, Pranita Atri, Naomi Karami, Austin Clark, Becca Sehnert, Lauren Greufe, Dan Novinski, Aubree Ford, Samuel Johnson, Shaker Dukkipati, Addison Thonen, Emma Fryda, Wyatt Andersen 

3. Guest Speakers 

Center for Healthy Living Staff: 

Alec Carstens, Peter Pellerito, Joe Kaminski, Rick Pruch 

  • Joe Kaminski; Will be looking for information from students in the future for feedback and suggestions 
  • Peter Pellerito: Services  available to help you with your health and fitness goals! 
  • Alec Carstens: Open and returning to near normal hours. 5:30-9:00 M-F. 
  • Asking people to book ahead of times; you can book up to 1 week in advance. 
  • Have filled weight room to capacity and different points.  
  • In general there is lots of spacing available; gym is now divided up into three spaces. 
  • Cornhole and other games will be available, registration will be “dirt cheap” 
  • Disinfectant bottles available; masks required (unless doing active cardio) 

4. Approval of Minutes 

Minutes approved: 5:49 

5. Advisor’s Report 

  • IT Network Outage 
  • Work continues in the recovery and restoration of services/access 
  • Student printing is being actively worked on today 
  • Upon restoration, all students will get a reset to $25 balance in printing account. 
  • Monday’s Microsoft outage was not related to our local issue 
  • COVID 
  • 1-Check UNMC app – please encourage download on iPhone or use of web app at https://1check.app/welcome as Android version has still not been released in Google play store 
  • There is a reasonable chance that we’ll be checking app usage compliance if community virus transmission increases. 
  • Mask compliance appears to be increasing, in general, but we need to remain vigilant. 
  • One noted area of mask concern is in the library study rooms where more than one person is present. 
  • Student Access & Success Fee implementation 
  • Academic Success Coordinator has been hired and will start in less than two weeks 
  • Communication Specialist – first round interviews complete 
  • GSRC Grad Assistant already off and running in her role 
  • Updated contract signed for Writing Center 
  • Supplemental Instruction program is up and running with more services coming 
  • Texting service is progressing with a key meeting of college leaders next week 

6. Executive Council’s Reports: 

  1. President: 
  1. BOR meeting next week 
  1. Begin implementation of Taylor’s proposed reporting structure; work to incorporate and make augmentation/improvements when assessed. 
  1. Vice President: 
  1. Issues committees; funding 
  1. Secretary: 
  1. Treasurer: Spending down surplus update 
  1. Discussed plan in activities committee 
  1. Goal: spend down surplus while maintaining enough financial cushion for over budget years 
  1. Spend down $10k each year for 4 years 
  1. Keep ~$40k (~1.5 years’ budget) held for emergency fund  
  1. Basic structure: Provide seed money for student and institutional initiatives to get off the ground.   
  1. Examples: 
  1. Inclusivity training 
  1.  Purchasing equipment to improve study spaces 
  1.  Building garden space 
  1. Allow maximum amount: what should that be?  $5000? 
  1. Allow one-time renewal if needed, but not intended for long term support 
  1. Grant application structure (questions shown, will be sent for feedback) 
  1. Because Issues already disburses BOSS money, it seemed to make sense to Activities that you handle this funding as well 

7. Committee Reports 

  1. Executive: 
  1. Plan for executive committee meeting following next BOR meeting (Thursday 10/8/20) 
  1. We will start meeting monthly on off-weeks ideally 
  1. Academic Affairs: 
  1. Mock Interview Proposal 
  1. Motion passed 
  1. Education Council Update 
  1. Students reaching out about access to canvas courses for a longer period of time. 
  1. Activities: 
  1. Lauritzen Garden Event (October 24th
  1. Will likely be held over the course of 4 hours on that Saturday 
  1. Students can hypothetically use their passes at anytime for the next week 
  1. Ice Cream Social Distance 
  1. Is safety plan enough? 
  1. Amended for 600$ for ice cream 
  1. Advertisement with “while supplies last” 
  1. Motion passed 
  1. Future Proposals 
  1. Trivia Night 
  1. Park Passes maybe? 
  1. Students could rent out park passes and use those for the day 
  1. Pottawattame county is interested 
  1. Issues: 

8. College Reports 

  1. College of Allied Health: 
  1. College of Dentistry: 
  1. College of Graduate Studies: 
  1. College of Medicine: 
  1. Dr. DeLair will be starting as Dean of DEI 
  1. College of Nursing: 
  1. College of Pharmacy: 
  1. Oct 6, 2020- Flu Shot clinic 
  1. College of Public Health: 
  1. Liaison Reports: 
  1. Mental Health and Wellness – A brief update on the Peer Support Network 

9. New Business: 

Nothing to report 

10. Old Business 

Nothing to report 

11. Shout-outs 

COM deans and leadership; for response to concerns about campus security 

12. Adjournment