UNMC Student Senate

Student Senate Meeting Minutes 9/2/20

Wednesday, 9/2/20– ZOOM Meeting Room, 5:30pm 

1. Call to Order 


2. Roll Call 

3. Guest Speakers 


4. Approval of Minutes- 


5. Advisor’s Report 

  1. Welcome back! 
  1. Thanks to all who contributed to the New Student Orientation efforts 
  1. Opportunity coming next week to participate in interviews for new Director of Financial Aid 
  1. COVID 
  1. 1-Check UNMC app – please encourage download and daily usage 
  1. Should be completed by each student, every day 
  1. Mask usage – seeing pretty good compliance, but still significant room for improvement 
  1. Physical distancing – seeing particular challenges when people are having lunch and when folks step outside a building 
  1. UNMC Student COVID Commitment (Canvas) 
  1. Communications 
  1. UNMC Today Subscription for all Students 
  1. Communications Specialist application process ongoing 
  1. Lincoln Campus- Alternative safety measures, 1-Check UNMC App use an opportunity for growth 

6. Executive Council’s Reports: 

  1. President: 
  1. What are you hearing from students as they return to campus? 
  1. Positives? Concerns? Discrepancies or points of confusion? 
  1. Communications: 
  1. Student organization leaders, use of student communications 
  1. Struggling to reach out beyond their own college 
  1. What are requirements? 
  1. Vitals: 
  1. Currently: 50% open rate, 5% click rate 
  1. Culture shift, working to make the most effective transfer 
  1. Channing Bunch will be working to improve upon this 
  1. Engage 
  1. Document in development to best use Engage 
  1. Student leader training for the platform 
  1. Statement  
  1. Addressing student commitment to COVID-19 safety 
  1. Shark-Tank style funding opportunity 
  1. Premise: Fund infrastructure with student Senate surplus funds 
  1. Money to serve as seed money to launch an initiative 
  1. In idea stage, has not yet been launched/advertised  
  1. Funds would go toward Omaha campus-specific initiatives  
  1. Example 
  1. Allison Vlach-Fridge Funding for general student use (e.g. meal storage) 
  1. Reworking Constitution 
  1. Hannah Lund- Evaluation of Senate Seat to each college’s student population size 
  1. Additionally: Seats for non-Omaha campus students 
  1. Inclusive NE 
  1. Shaker Dukkipati:  
  1. Partnership with Channing Bunch to identify strategies for implementation 
  1. Discussions with Dr. Sherritta Strong 
  1. Structure:  
  1. Virtual presentations with local & national speakers 
  1. Dialogue structure needing alterations ot accommodate for online format 
  1. Peer Support Network 
  1. Building a program for every college 
  1. COM: 6-7 students 
  1. COPH: 1 student 
  1. COP: ~12 students (all executive board members for each class) 
  1. Grad Studies: Historically, there were 3-4 students who were involved 
  1. Publicity Campaign 
  1. Exploring opportunities to publicize each college’s representatives 
  1. Advertise expectations 
  1. Have you reached out to your college? 
  1. Call for representatives from other colleges 
  1. Training for students 
  1. Currently meetings with Dr. Carver 
  1. Working on modules or other modalities to expand training as interest grows 
  1. Inclusivity/Diversity 
  1. UNO event scheduled, will include multiple speakers from Omaha community 
  1. Series in September 
  1. Goal: engagement of black businesses and organizations for networking and information 
  1. New position hired: Jennifer Albites graduate assistant hired in gender and sexuality resource center to expand access from UNO to UNMC, online 
  1. How are we doing and what can we do better? 
  1. Diversity and inclusivity lunch and learn 
  1. Advocacy, diversity, inclusivity; aimed towards healthcare 
  1. Hannah and Dan have been working on this 
  1. Adding a diversity and inclusion committee 
  1. Chair could be point person for Dr. Strong, et al.  
  1. Committee would take on projects 
  1. Hannah T., Taylor K., Shaker, Lauren G. loop together to propose new committee 
  1. Resolution on GFR 
  1. Well received 
  1. Working on reminder to nephrology department to keep moving forward 
  1. Will release statement when ready 
  1. DEI Liaison 
  1. Shaker  
  1. Vice President: 
  1. Secretary: 
  1. Update Engage page 
  1. Dr. Covington got all the photos! 
  1. Roster: confirm 
  1. Treasurer:  
  1. Updated budget 
  1. Funding from other sources 

7. Committee Reports: 

Committee Meetings will start Wednesday 9/16/20! 

  1. Executive: 
  1. Academic Affairs: 
  1. Activities:  
  1. Student Senate Picnic September 12th, 4:00-6:00 at Elmwood park. 
  1. On Campus Events??? 
  1. Blood Drive Canceled 🙁  
  1. Issues: 

8. College Reports 

  1. College of Allied Health: 
  1. College of Dentistry: 
  1. College of Graduate Studies: 
  1. College of Medicine: 
  1. College of Nursing: 
  1. College of Pharmacy: 
  1. College of Public Health: 
  1. Liaison Reports: 
  1. E-Learning/IT: 
  1. E-Learning/Module development program open. Zoom meeting Thursday 9/17 @ noon. 
  1. E-Learning Lab -> Now located on 6th floor of McGoogan library. EZStudio open (new video/audio recording space for students and faculty alike!) 
  1. Global engagement 
  1. Getting ways to improve international student representation 
  1. How can we make students feel more welcome to campus 
  1. International Pal/Buddy program or International Ambassador program 

9. New Business: 

10. Old Business 

11. Shout-outs 

  • All those who helped with orientation and all of the events of the summer! 
  • Becca and Pranita for their work on the Student COVID Commitment development 

12. Adjournment