UNMC Student Senate

Student Senate Meeting Minutes 9-16-2020

9/16/20 – ZOOM Meeting Room, 5:30pm

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Guest Speakers

4. Approval of minutes

5. New Business:

  1. Potential board proposal by Taylor Kratochvil
    1. Implement new hierarchy structure to better streamline communication and responsibility

6. Old Business

7. Advisor’s Report

8. Committee Agendas:

  1. Executive:
  2. Academic Affairs:
    1. Roll Call
    1. Kayla, Dan, Sammy, Kim, Anthony
    1. Vice Chair- Anthony Stephenson
    1. Proposals
    1. Mock Interview
      1. Fall- 2nd week of November
      1. Moving Forward
        1. Reach out to faculty
          1. Nursing- Kayla
          1. Medicine- Dan and Anthony
          1. Pharmacy- Kim
          1. Allied Health- Sammy
          1. Public Health- Hannah
        1. Dr. Covington
          1. Insight on the event
        1. Limit number of students
          1. RSVP- might feel more exclusive
            1. Spark interest
          1. Quota per college
            1. So one college doesn’t dominate all the time slots
    1. Trivia Night
      1. Spring
  3. Vitals
    1. Sammy, Dan, and Hannah til they hire someone
  4. IT Liason:
    1. First E-module curriculum tomorrow (Thursday)
      1. Introducing senate
  5. Activities:

Agenda for Activities Committee Meeting 9/16/2020

  • Introductions
  • Discuss Past Events
    • Student senate picnic
      • 16 senators (Thanks for coming!)
      • Cost $245.24
      • Budget $250
  • Upcoming Events
    • Lauritzen Garden Day (approved proposal attached)
      • $9 per person but group tours are canceled
        • Budgeted $900
      • Date undecided
        • October 24th
      • Need two weeks in advance to get group discount
      • Have to have delivery mechanism
        • Who has mailboxes on campus?
        • What if we just handed out tickets day of?  Students will reserve two weeks in advance if they want a slot and we’ll order as many tickets as needed
  • Proposed Events
    • Ice Cream Social Distance
      • Previous proposal attached
      • 50 person cap is coming down pipeline
        • Only applies to indoors?
          • No
          • What if we distributed different flavors to different parts of the quad to spread people out?
      • Cone flower needs “a few weeks” in advance to know about
        • Option 1: Truck rental
          • $500 for truck and servers for multiple hours
          • Pan (5 quarts) $60
        • Option 2: Single serving scoops
          • Pre-packaged single serving cups ($2.25)
            • Actually, think this is cheaper then Pan
            • But probably less cool to the earth
            • Going with prepackaged.
      • Can we rent games?
        • Checking
  • Suggested new events
    • Contacted the NE parks department about renting out park passes.  Mixed interest from them
      • Park passes are generally $30 per year for all NE state parks.  Might be more if rental.  Optimally we could store at library and let students check out
        • Cool if we can make it happen.  Library might not be renting things currently.  Will check and continue to bother parks department man.
          • Will also check park services in Iowa
    • Movie night in quad
      • Checked price last year and cost around $1100 for more “classic” movies
        • 50 person cap makes this seem unattainable
    • OTHER IDEAS?????
      • Great Ideas from Group!
        • Trivia Night/online pubquiz
          • Wyatt is making proposal
        • Painting night online
          • Thinking of how to distribute painting supplies
  • Use of Student Senate Excess funds
    • Have around 79K in excess funds that we are hoping to spend off a large portion of over the next 4 years on investment items on campus
      • Hannah will create a grant proposal mechanism.  Krysten will review
      • Grant proposals may be run through issues since they already have the Boss proposal system.
  • Issues:
    • Introductions
    • Background on the Issues Committee/BOSS Proposals
    • Proposed Structure
      • Rolling application deadline, reviewing applications month by month
      • Split allocated funds between 1st and 2nd Semesters

9. Shout-outs

10. Adjournment