UNMC Student Senate

Student Senate Meeting Minutes 7/22/20

7/22/20 – ZOOM Meeting Room, 5:30pm 

1. Call to Order 

2. Roll Call 

3. Guest Speakers 

4. Approval of Minutes 

Minutes Approved 

5. Advisor’s Report 

  • Reminder: Interviews for director of academic technology 
  • Aishwarya!  
  • COVID Update 
  • Recovery implementation; ready for about 1 week 
  • New smartphone app; update of OneCheckCOVID 
  • Trying to still game plan how we will get back onto campus 
  • Improving strength and capacity of Student Health 
  • Student Fund B 
  • All metro Omaha 
  • Focusing on protocols and managing different legal spheres 
  • UNMC Student Pledge 
  • We need student input for certain guidance documents 
  • Becca and Pranita will assist with this 
  • Channing Bunch 
  • New Role; focusing on student leadership/development 
  • Will still have similar roles 
  • Student Access and Success Fee 
  • New position to start; will likely be grad student 
  • Overhaul of tutoring 
  • Student Senate constitution 
  • Needs an update 
  • Representation: Should be 50 students per representative 
  • Fee system 
  • Hannah Lund 
  • College of Nursing 
  • Calendar change (starting Aug 17—Not Aug 24) 

6. Executive Council’s Reports: 

  1. President: 
  1. 30 volunteers needed for IPE day (8/19/20) 
  1. Contact Erin Johnson or fill out this form 
  1. 55 volunteers needed for Orientation breakout groups (8/19/20) 
  1. Contact Channing Bunch 
  1. 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m. 
  1. Breakout sessions (need facilitators) 
  1. Voter Drive 
  1. Voter registration forms in the BBQ? 
  1. Link in Vitals 
  1. UNMC FinAid will also send out 60 day deadline reminder 
  1. Voter registration Oct 16th  
  1. Distributing information about absentee ballot information 
  1. UNO-UNMC Forum 
  1. Vice President: 
  1. Questions of Catering and vendors at UNMC 
  1. Food provided at Sorrell 
  1. Lots of students, draw is cheaper option and the convenience 
  1. The variation between DRC and Sorrell, may affect both 
  1. What other food options exist for students? 
  1. Lauren will send out a survey 
  1. Regarding food, vendors, price point 
  1. Secretary: 

a. Still working on updating Engage page and Student Senate website- nearly complete. 

  1. Working with Badge Office to gather your photos for the website 
  1. Still making certain we have the most complete roster 
  1. Please join Engage if you haven’t already 
  1. Treasurer: 
  1. Update on allyship and advocacy curriculum 
  1. Followed up, haven’t heard 
  1. Might be worth looking into alternative organizations that specialize in this kind of work in a healthcare setting 
  1. Do other programs like this exist at UNMC? 
  1. Following up with Channing Bunch and Amanda Wickert 
  1. Ownership of said protocol 
  1. May be able to live on Bridge, new interface being utilized through University of Nebraska system 
  1. Making this accessible to all 5 campuses? 
  1. Readership – update from NY Times 
  1. $3165.32/year 
  1. I don’t know that we could swing this on an annual basis given historic spending and current recurring big-ticket expenses (We Are UNMC BBQ being the biggest one) 
  1. Budget 
  1. Sorting through three years of reimbursements 
  1. Will send out a budget once I make sense of our previous costs 
  1. Every year revenue is around $26,000 
  1. Large expenses: 
  1. BBQ: $7,500 
  1. BOSS: $8,000 budgeted 
  1. $700 spent 
  1. Krysten will send Hannah previous budgets for the activities committee 

7. Committee Reports 

  1. Executive:  
  1. Academic Affairs: 
  1. Meeting this upcoming August 
  1. Matt followed up with some previous proposals 
  1. Will get information to  
  1. Activities: 
  1. Proposal for Blood Drive: Document Here 
  1. Approved 
  1. Discuss Ice Cream Social (Distance) 
  1. Previously Approved Proposal 
  1. Likely will happen in early September 
  1. Student Senate BBQ Dates? 
  1. Previously Approved Proposal 
  1. Likely will happen in early September 
  1. Distribution of Lauritzen Garden Tickets 
  1. Previously Approved Proposal 
  1. Will likely be an event in the fall 
  1. We may be mailing with “stamps?”  
  1. Issues: 

8. College Reports 

  1. College of Allied Health: 
  1. College of Dentistry: 
  1. College of Graduate Studies: 
  1. College of Medicine: 
  1. College of Nursing: 
  1. College of Pharmacy: 
  1. College of Public Health: 
  1. Liaison Reports: 
  1. Legislative 
  1. Next meeting this upcoming Tuesday 
  1. Legislature is back in session 
  1. LB1084 (NExT Project) 
  1. Funding for NE transformation project 
  1. Federal-State-Private 
  1. $250 million from private philanthropy 
  1. $300 million from NE 
  1. Federal money in waiting 
  1. E-Learning 
  1. Monthly meetings 
  1. Moving back into Wittson 
  1. EZ studio; Echo Pod 
  1. Making lectures easier to download 
  1. Spoke with Peggy Moore about Allyship module 
  1. Hannah will loop Dan in 
  1. Organizational 
  1. Virtual student fair (8/19/20 11:15-12:15) 
  1. Reaching out to student organization leaders 
  1. Register if you have not already-or inform students 

9. New Business: 

  1. eGFR Resolution 
  1. Please vote on this by 7/23/20 (5 p.m.) 
  1. Vote here: https://forms.gle/EegDaiftU2UiEvi18 
  1. Library opening up 8/11/20 

10. Old Business 

  1. Mentorship Program 
  1. Increasing knowledge of positions available 
  1. Expanding knowledge of fee waivers 
  1. Recruiting other students to help as well 
  1. Personal statement help, etc. 
  1. People to reach out to: 
  1. Dr. Heidi Keeler, Director of Community Engagement 
  1. Nicole Carritt, Director of Rural Health Initatives 

11. Shout-outs 

12. Adjournment 

Adjourned 7:13