UNMC Student Senate

Student Senate Meeting Minutes 6/10/20

Wednesday, 6/10/2020– ZOOM Meeting Room, 5:30pm 

1. Call to Order 

2. Roll Call 

3. Guest Speakers 

4. Approval of Minutes- Deferred to next meeting 

5. Advisor’s Report 

  • Lots of work going on with COVID response. 
  • Planning based on best information that is available 
  • 2-week time frame for recovery planning 
  • Awaiting Chancellor approval 
  • Students are allowed on campus, though better if students do not  
  • Requirement to wear mask, unless alone in a private space 
  • This includes outside 

6. Executive Council’s Reports: 

  1. President: 
  1. Student Regent Statement 
  1. Proposal: Student Senate Action Plan 
  1. Theme: Must be a list of actions rather than a “statement”  
  1. Action oriented statement for next steps once solidified 
  1. Wary of statement fatigue, therefore, must be substantive 
  1. Leads: Amanda Wickert, Tom Schroeder 
  1. Editor/Reviewer: Taylor Kratochvil, Krysten Vance 
  1. Final Review: Dr. Covington  
  1. Reach out to your colleges 
  1. Let them also know that you represent them and would appreciate to hear their voices—start the conversation now. 
  1. Topics To Discuss: Process to return to campus, COVID-19, Social Injustices, etc. 
  1. Opportunity: 
  1. To publicize who are each college’s senators 
  1. Forward questions/rumors to those in administration 
  1. Means: College-specific ListServ, 
  1. Panel on Structural racism 
  1. UNMC-UNO Joint forum on race 
  1. Goal is monthly discussions–> generate opportunities for solutions 
  1. Plan will be elucidated in meeting this upcoming Thursday (6/11, 4:00pm) 
  1. Students to include: Wickert, Schroeder, Greufe, Wright 
  1. Expansion of Inclusive NE 
  1. Dukkipati:  
  1. Current climate is fertile for conversation and there is a need for a space to discuss issues 
  1. Seeking table-top discussion translation to action 
  1. Schroeder: Possibility to make virtual 
  1. Leads: Dukkipati, Tandon, Bapat 
  1. New Student Orientation—will be held virtually 
  1. IPE activity 
  1. Potential book discussion (Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
  1. Leads: Wyatt Andersen, Emma Fryda 
  1. Videos highlighting communities in Omaha, Scottsbluff, Norfolk, Lincoln, Kearney 
  1. Omaha will have multiple short videos highlight communities & diversity throughout each campus’s city 
  1. Leads: Vance (Omaha, Video planning/production), Aubree (Campus) 
  1. Ally/Advocacy training 
  1. Specific focus on inclusivity (Active Bystander Training) as opposed to mental health (I.e. Dr. Dave Carver’s Peer Support Network) 
  1. Wickert: Identify biases and strategies to address 
  1. Covington: Opportunity for partnership with “Office of Multicultural Affairs/Diversity & Inclusivity” & Dr. Sheritta Strong 
  1. Proposal:  
  1. This type of training (among others) can become necessary for leaders of student organizations 
  1. Novinski: Pursue eModule development 
  1. Leads: Wickert, Novinski, Andersen 
  1. Vice President: 
  1. Secretary: 
  1. Treasurer: Campus readership program 
  1. Online subscriptions for students to local and national newspapers 
  1. Currently working with New York Times for a quote, will provide a formal proposal when available 
  1. Survey students about newspaper preferences 
  1. Leads: Hannah Tandon, Taylor Kratochvil 

7. Committee Reports 

  1. Executive: 
  1. Academic Affairs: 
  1. Activities: 
  1. Blood Drive (Red Cross): Off campus, we are publicizing 
  1. Future: Nebraska Community Blood Bank as partner (Products stay locally) 
  1. Will likely be done with buses 
  1. Need to decide where parking would be 
  1. Lauritzen Gardens Event 
  1. Student-Day to book visit online for free (logistics being worked out) 
  1. Issues: 

8. College Reports 

  1. College of Allied Health: 
  1. College of Dentistry: 
  1. College of Graduate Studies: 
  1. College of Medicine: 
  1. College of Nursing: 
  1. College of Pharmacy: 
  1. College of Public Health: 
  1. Liaison Reports: 
  1. Student Health and Wellness (Wyatt Andersen) 
  1. Met with Dr. Corts, Delizo, Wengle:  
  1. Discuss changes on campus 
  1. Drafted document to publicize proposed changes 
  1. Peer Support Network 
  1. Recruiting students to serve as mentors 
  1. Call for students to serve as point of contact for each college’s recruitment 

9. New Business: 

  1. Resolution-Addressing Health Disparities 
  1. Resolution passes 
  1. Lead: Jeremy Wright, Sammy Muhia 

10. Old Business 

11. Shout-outs 

12. Adjournment