UNMC Student Senate

Student Senate Meeting Minutes 4/22/20

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020 – ZOOM Meeting Room, 5:30pm 

  1. Call to Order- Keith Ozanne-Outgoing President 
  1. Roll Call 
  1. Guest Speakers  
  1. Keith Ozanne- Nomination for Lauren Greufe for Vice President 
  1. Dr. Dele Davies Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs- to administer the Oath of office 
  1. Approval of Minutes- Deferred to next meeting 
  1. Advisor’s Report 
  1. Dr. Phil Covington 
  1. Thank you to outgoing officers and senators 
  • Your work has been exemplary and though the year did not end the way we hoped, let nothing take away from your accomplishments. 
  • Your work to review and approve the Student Access & Success Fee will leave an indelible mark on the future of UNMC for all students who come after you. 
  1. Congratulations to newly elected officers and senators 
  • While the year ahead includes uncertainty, I believe this will be our finest hour. 
  1. Executive Council’s Reports: 
  1. President:  
  1. Welcome 
  1. Send me your pictures if you have not so I can build an anki deck to distribute to all and help us know each other better. 
  1. Explanation of Senate Structure and roles 
  1. Vice President: 
  1. Secretary: 
  1. Treasurer: 
  1. Committee Reports 
  1. Executive: 
  1. Academic Affairs: 
  1. Activities: 
  1. Issues: 
  1. College Reports 
  1. College of Allied Health: 
  1. College of Dentistry: 
  1. College of Graduate Studies: 
  1. College of Medicine: 
  1. College of Nursing: 
  1. College of Pharmacy: 
  1. College of Public Health: 
  1. Liaison Reports: 
  1. Update by Annie on Global Engagement Liaison 
  1. New Business: 
  1. Student Code of Conduct Final Draft 
  1. Elections for new positions 
  1. Old Business 
  1. Goodbye and good luck to the 2019-2020 senators!  Thank you for your service and good luck in the future!! 
  1. When we have meetings in person remember tupperware for dinner! 
  1. Shout-outs 

Next Meeting:  

  1. Committee – TBD 
  1. Full Senate –TBD (Likely Second week of the new school year) 
  1. Adjournment