UNMC Student Senate

Student Senate Meeting Minutes 4/1/2020

Wednesday, April 1st  2020 – ZOOM conference call, 5:30pm 

  1. Call to Order 
  1. Roll Call  
  1. Guest Speakers 
  1. None 
  1. Approval of Minutes- approved 5:34pm  
  1. Advisor’s Report 
  1. Phil Covington  
  1. Advisor Report 
  1.  Incident Command was stood up in late February and meets daily for briefings 
  1. Important to look at university coronavirus resource page 
  1. Catalog of communications that have been sent out 
  1.  Many other resources 
  1. Virtual Ceremonies being planned for Commencement & Convocation 
  1. Sarah Hotovy is student representative on the planning workgroup 
  1. Student volunteer work 
  1. UNMC CoRe – student driven 
  1.  Student Pandemic Volunteers – university driven to prepare for possibility of Nebraska Medicine going to surge staffing 
  1. Keeplearning.unmc.edu 
  1. All students auto-enrolled for access to wellness info and specific support resources 
  1. WellWeb 
  1.  Food Pantry 
  1. Expanded to also serve UNMC faculty/staff 
  1. Working to address delivery to individuals who are self-quarantined 
  1. Elections 
  1. Three students running for two spots in COPH 
  1. Multiple candidates for president as well  
  1. Executive Council’s Reports: 
  1. President:  
  1. Getting close to the end of the year!  Sorry to the Corona virus has impacted our meetings and our ability to host events.  Thank you all for being flexible! 
  1. Has anyone had any issue arise from the online learning environment?  Any questions or concerns? 
  1. I will be sending out a form and a document for your positions that you have held on student senate within the next couple weeks to help our new senators prepare for their roles! 
  1. Wellness and mental health are incredibly important right now.  I will be sharing a powerpoint from Dr. Carver for you all to hand out to your respective classes and representatives 
  • If you have questions please contact Dr. Carver 
  • Dr. Carver is available for consultations and possible presentations for classes via zoom. 
  • Remember, take care of yourselves! 
  1. AMBOSS has a great free page that has a bunch of clinical information about COVID-19 so you can stay informed!  This is the link 
  1. Skin Smart Campus Initiative  
  • Taylor Thieman (taylor.uhlir@unmc.edu)  sent an email  to the student senate about a new initiative suggested by the Chair of Dermatology here at UNMC.    
  • As part of the requirements to earn this designation there is a Memo of Understanding drafted by the National Council needing to be signed by the Student Senate ensuring that the university prohibits relationships with tanning industries and prohibits indoor tanning devices on campus and in university-affiliated buildings more information to be found here.   
  • I will be sending out an anonymous form to vote in supporting or not supporting this initiative.  If there is a vote of support I will reach out to her and work with her to move forward with the other areas of the initiative.  She may present at a future meeting in the fall. 
  1. Vice President-  
  1. Secretary- Remember to sign in! 
  1. link here Treasurer-  
  1. Committee Reports 
  1. Executive- 
  1. Academic Affairs- No updates 
  1. Activities-  Volunteer Day and Pancake Man cancelled for Spring.  
  1. Issues- $4,000 allocated for semester, all funds distributed. $1,400 remained in March and distributed to Student Delegates & Primary Care, Progress, and International Student Organization “Breaking Barriers”. In February funds were distributed to CHESS, EMPOWER, HEAL, Lifestyle Medicine Group, SAG, SAPA, and SUNAPTA 
  1. College Reports 
  1. College of Allied Health- no report 
  1. College of Dentistry- no report 
  1. College of Graduate Studies- student populations being treated differently based on research vs. Didactic expectations. Please report any incidents and/or concerns to Dr. Covington & Keith Ozanne.  
  1. College of Medicine- UNMC CoRe program up and running (link here
  1. College of Nursing – potential space available for CoRe use, Abby to touch base with Dr. Covington & Taylor K.  
  1. College of Pharmacy- P4 students last month of rotations optional, main concern is license  
  1. College of Public Health- No report  
  1. Liaison Reports-  
  1.  New Business 
  1. Proposals 
  • Ice Cream Social ( unoffical dog hang out) – approved pending direction from public health officials on group gathering 
  • Student Senate wrap up picnic – approved pending direction from public health officials on group gathering 
  • Walk in the Park ( Destress before finals and end of semester) – approved pending direction from public health officials on group gathering 

Next Meeting:  

  1. Committee – None 
  1. Full Senate – April 22nd at 5:30 via Zoom (new senator orientation and handoffs) 
  1. Adjournment