UNMC Student Senate

Student Senate Meeting Minutes 3/4/2020

Student Senate Meeting Agenda 

Wednesday, March 4th  2020 – Sorrell Center 2018, 5:30pm 

  1. Call to Order 
  1. Roll Call  
  1. Guest Speakers 
  1. None 
  1. Approval of Minutes- 
  1. Advisor’s Report 
  1. Phil Covington  
  1. Covid 19 (Corona Virus), planning meeting this am  
  • 3 yrs ago (updated 1 yr ago) pandemic plan created in partnership with NE Med – currently under review by seven committees to adapt and update plan  
  • As students we can: 
  1. wash hands FREQUENTLY at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer of at least 60% alcohol 
  1.  don’t shake hands or high five  
  1. avoid touching your face  
  1. establish plan with those whom you live with if one of you is exposed or becomes ill  
  1. Election information coming out soon, hopefully by Monday – dates below TBD 
  • 2 weeks of candidacy declaration 
  • 2 weeks of campaigning 
  • 5 days of voting 
  1. Williams Science Hall – future home of Student Senate  
  1. Thank you for support of student success fee, Dr. Gold has also put his support behind this initiative   
  1. Executive Council’s Reports: 
  1. President:  
  1. I love NU day on March 10th resolution to vote on.  Here is the Facebook page for the event!   
  1. Lots of talk going on about the regents Scholarship getting changed to minimum of 30 credit hours per academic year (previously 12 credit hours per semester) and max of 120 credit hours paid for (or more for certain majors).  I would love student feedback about this if you previously had the regents or had any experiences with this.  (I.e. trying to get research opportunities, working, volunteering, etc. During college while still taking 12+ credit hours)  Anonymous form for feedback here.  
  1. Lyft Credits 
  • The people who have previously had the credits should have been restored, working on figuring out better communication around who gets the credits and an easy way to sign up.  More to come, Robert Jennings (Director, Procurement & Materials Mgmt) is actively working on it behind the scenes! 
  1. Pandemic Response group 
  • Myself and Scott will be on a weekly Pandemic response Zoom meeting to address the growing cases of Corona Virus and how UNMC is responding.  Has not been completely established yet.  
  1.  Presidential Transition Committee 
  • Working on creating the “Next 5 years Document”  with individuals from all 4 campuses and the NCTA.  Please list ideas you have that you would like to see UNMC or NU at large pursue in the next 5 years. (Anything from Business ventures, research, innovative ways of teaching and learning, mission/vision, Partnerships with community colleges/high schools/etc, Government relations, civic and social relations, community outreach, global engagement, literally anything you can imagine.  This is a huge set of working groups so I can bring anything back to the committee to share with President Carter.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated and this is your chance to get your ideas directly to the top!  Please submit here.  
  1. Library open house went well, lots of feedback,  
  1. Security escorts update during the next meeting Chief of Police    Charlotte Evans and Assistant Chief Michael Murphy will be speaking to the Senate during next full meeting. (April 1st
  1. Beginning the search for a new UNMC Director of Academic Technologies, may need a couple individuals who would like to serve on this committee to help interview and hire the correct candidate for the job!  More info to come.  
  1. Vice President-  
  1. Keith and I have been participating on a Student Health Insurance Plan Advisory Committee. Currently, the committee is voting for possible changes to the 2020-21 plan. Hopefully, with some adjustments to the currently plan, the premium will stay the same or minor changes 
  1. Secretary- sign in! 
  1. Treasurer- no report 
  1. Committee Reports 
  1. Executive- no report 
  1. Academic Affairs 
  1. Awards ceremony today went well, thank you to Krysten Vance and the Activities committee 
  1. Activities 
  1. Bowling Saturday, March 3rd 
  1. Great work Matt on awards lunch today 
  1. Issues 
  1. Town Hall Meeting Summary/Meeting Minutes 
  • If you completed your townhall in February, please email me your summary/meeting minutes 
  1. BOSS Funding 
  • February results 
  • March:  
  1. Funds Available: $1472.75 
  1. Submission deadline is March 7th 
  1. Issues Committee evaluation deadline: March 13th  
  1. Currently, 3 new proposals have been submitted 
  1. Scott is out of town for the March 18th meeting, will need someone to facilitate discussion. Scott will provide a summary presentation and allocation spreadsheet. 
  1. College Reports 
  1. College of Allied Health- no report 
  1. College of Dentistry- no report 
  1. College of Graduate Studies- no report 
  1. College of Medicine- no report 
  1. College of Nursing – no report 
  1. College of Pharmacy- no report 
  1. College of Public Health- no report 
  1. Liaison Reports- no report 
  1. New Business 
  1. Proposals 
  1. NONE 

Next Meeting:  

  1. Committee – March 18th2020  MSC 2018  
  1. Full Senate – April 1st, 2020 MSC 2018 
  1. Adjournment – 6:10pm