UNMC Student Senate

Student Senate Meeting Minutes 2/5/2020

Student Senate Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, February 5th  2020 – Sorrell Center 2018, 5:30pm

Optional Pre-meeting tour of the iEXCEL (Davis Global Center) at 4:50pm

Meet just inside the North (Closest to Sorrell) Doors in the Atrium of the Main floor

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Guest Speakers
    1. Emily McElroy and Abby Scott (HDR)- Speaking about Wittson Hall Renovation/McGoogan Library furniture update. Open house to test out chairs, tables, etc. at the end of the month most likely.
      1. February 26th, Linder reading room, all day  – Library open house/mock up to test out furniture for the library
      1. Library open date ~mid-July
    1. Dr. Phil Covington- Speaking on proposed Student Access and Student Success Fee
      1. $50 fee per semester ~$400,000 per year, similar fee at UNO
      1. Staffing Support & Operational/Program Support (TOTAL COST: $404,000)
        1. Academic Success Center Coordinator
        1. Gender & Sexuality Resource Center Coordinator
        1. Communications Specialist
        1. Expand .8 FTE Financial Aid Counselor position to 1.0 FTE
        1. Student Disability Services & Counseling support
        1. Student Wellness support
        1. Tutoring Programs
        1. University-Wide New Student Onboarding & Orientation
        1. Texting Service
        1. Writing Center annual contract
        1. GSRC-Related Support Services
        1. Inclusivity Programming
        1. Food Pantry
        1. Annual cost of UNMC ENGAGE
        1. Financial Aid Services – Financial Aid TV
    1. Brian Lancaster- Speaking on UNMC Technology Fee
      1. Current technology needs
        1. Student Printing, equipment needs replaced
        1. CON in Scottsbluff technology
        1. COPH original tech starting to fail
        1. DRC upper floors, original tech starting to fail
        1. Green Space connectivity
      1. Propose a $150 per semester fee to address tech updates ($1.2 M annually)
        1. Needed for core connectivity & classroom technology
        1. If not approved may need to take classrooms offline & limit digital activities
        1. If passed student rep would be appointed to committee to direct funds
        1. Funding oversight quarterly governance
  4. Approval of Minutes-
  5. Advisor’s Report
    1. Phil Covington
      1. Student Fee Timeline, all student fees must be turned in to Central Admin by end of February. Final approval June 2020. If fees not approved by student senate, they do not go forward.
      1. CDC partnership with UNMC RE: Camp Ashland & quarantine

Iii. Awareness of NeXT project

  • UNMC/Nebraska Medicine is viewed as a national leader in all-hazards response
    •  Nation needs sites stood up and ready to lead in the response to large-scale repatriation of American citizens
    •  Current estimates are for a $2.6B construction project on the current site of MMI
    •   Would be NE’s largest ever private/public partnership in history
    •  “Progress is moving at lightning speed”
    •  NDAA passage in late December in section 740 that specified that the Sec of Defense was expected to identify center(s) married to the NDMS and the federal supply chain to create an all-hazards readiness program.
    •  State and private matching dollars became critical for progress.
    •  Economic impact estimated at a minimum of $7B over 10 years. 40k jobs, 31-33k in construction, 9800 full-time sustainable positions working in the facilities post-construction

   IV. Cost center for Student Senate has been reassigned to my office and Thomas is now working with Bev Hamman and me on expenditures

d Transition of Student Organization Services has begun

  1. ·        Approval process for new orgs is now in Engage and access has been granted to me
    1. o   Additional building access being explored
    1. ·        Bennett Hall as a pass-through on weekends for tunnel access
    1. ·        Sorrell 3001 and 3005 for weekend study
    1. o   Student Satisfaction Survey launched on Monday
    1. ·        Last year’s survey resulted in:
    1. §  Creation of a dedicated Student Accounts office website,
    1. §  Enhanced communication of annual tuition and fee rates,
    1. §  An improved Estimated Cost of Attendance website.
    1.  Student Senate election for 2020 – 2021 prework has begun  
  2. Executive Council’s Reports:
    1. President:
      1. Legislature is in session!  Lots of good bills to support.  Resolution by the Student Senate for approving the appropriations for the university and supporting funding scholarships. I have some writing materials for anyone who is interested in writing letters of support for the Scholarships Hearing.
      1. Advocacy Retreat this Saturday in Lincoln at 10:00AM.  Will have senators and other students to break out and talk about bills, ideas, etc. RSVP time has passed but let me know and we can add you on!  I will be driving down and have some room in my car for carpooling.  Lunch will be provided and the university will reimburse for mileage (29 cents per mile, up 4 whole cents from 2019!) Ride down and ride back (Midtown area to the stadium) comes out to approximately 100 miles or $30.
      1. I love NU day on March 10th resolution to vote on.  Here is the facebook page for the event!  Facebook Link  We will have a standalone page with information that will be completely shortly and signage that I will put up throughout campus.  Additionally, if you would like to participate in a mini letter writing campaign to talk about what the university means to you.
      1.  All Student Communications is now exclusively through Vitals.  How is that going so far?  Has anyone been hearing anything about it? (Positively or negatively) 
      1. Update on Study spaces-  the bigger lecture halls (I.e. this room, 2014 and 2010) along with other lecture spaces are open study halls until the library renovation is complete.  Additionally, the 8 study rooms on 4th floor of Sorrell now have a minimum student capacity of 3 people to help accommodate more students studying for board exams, school work, etc. Please go to the Library website and click on Renovation FAQ for more information on study spaces!  The link is here.  The information is under spaces
      1. Student Insurance Advisory Committee update
        1. This committee was created to look at the health insurance for students to address concerns about rising premiums and deductibles. The group is finding that is becoming increasingly more difficult to provide the current coverage without raising rates.  Other institutions are having similar problems.  The proposed solutions will basically be to cut some of the coverage or continue to raise rates.  All of this basically for an FYI, just want people to know that the health insurance piece is being extensively looked at by a large committee of qualified people.
      1. Medical Center Development Corporation Representative:     It is a very interesting opportunity to learn the 10,000 foot view of what is going on at UNMC, UNO, and in the city of Omaha at large.  The new student rep would have to sign a non-disclosure-agreement in order to sit on the board as a non-voting member.  Get to interact with upper administration in addition to other valued members of the Omaha community.  Please let me know if you are interested in serving, likely would only be a couple meetings during the rest of the year.
      1. It is Black History Month!  Lots of planned events during the month.  The list of events are here.
    1. Vice President- no report
    1. Secretary- Remember to sign in!
    1. Treasurer- no report
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Executive- no report
    1. Academic Affairs- no report
    1. Activities-  no report
    1. Issues- Town Hall Meetings
  4. College Reports
    1. College of Allied Health- no report
    1. College of Dentistry- no report
    1. College of Graduate Studies- no report
    1. College of Medicine- no report
    1. College of Nursing – no report
    1. College of Pharmacy- no report
    1. College of Public Health- no report
    1. Liaison Reports-
      1. Student Wellness Liaison – (Allison Vlach)
        1. I’m gone from the meeting today but I have a few ideas for ways to help students I want to share. If anyone is interested in pursuing them further feel free, otherwise I’ll work on them on my own time!
          1. Wellness Days – students on rotations get a guaranteed 1 weekday off per 4 weeks of rotation so they can do life things, such as dentist appointments, fix car, etc. The day the students take off is at their choosing but is limited by required activities/exams
          1. Nutrition Counseling – I asked to speak with a nutritionist when I went to Student Health recently and they told me that students don’t have free access to nutritionists. It would be great if we could find a way to allow every student who wants a free visit with a nutritionist to help us learn how to plan healthy meals during this busy time. Dr. Carver told me we could potentially partner with the Medical Nutrition program
          1. Online Resiliency Club – I brought this idea up to some COM administrators and I want to bring the idea to all colleges. The COM has “Resiliency Club” that is a writing group that meets over lunch on Fridays where everyone writes in response to a prompt and shares their writing after. Writing is great for emotional processing and stress relief so I thought if we could have an online form of Resiliency Club, like a forum or something, then that could serve students better since it’d be more convenient.
          1. Doggy Daycare – a stretch but if we could get a doggy daycare at UNMC then more students could have dogs, which have been proven to improve mental health 😊
        1. If you’re interested in taking on one of these projects or collaborating with me on it feel free to email me at allison.vlach@unmc.edu
    1.  New Business
      1. Resolutions
        1. Support of “I Love NU” Advocacy Day – passed
        1. Support for State Funding of Scholarships for the University of Nebraska – passed
      1. Proposals
        1. Academic Affairs Award Proposal – passed
        1. Creation of Student Senate Global Engagement Liaison – passed
        1. Activities Committee Volunteer Day – passed
        1. Academic Affairs Trivia Night – passed

Next Meeting:

  • Committee – February 19th, 2020  MSC 2018
    • Full Senate – March 4th, 2020 MSC 2018
  • Adjournment