UNMC Student Senate

Student Senate Meeting Minutes 11-11-2020

Date– ZOOM Meeting Room, 5:30pm 

1. Call to Order: 5:32 

2. Roll Call-Please take roll in your committees and list members under respective section 

3. Approval of Minutes 

Motion by Krysten, second by Austin.  

4. Advisor’s Report 

5. New Business 

UNMC Safety leadership meeting: 

  • Working on getting a system to get all students fit tested for N95 masks. More to come next semester. 
  • They are very serious about the COVID App. PLEASE start using this and encourage others! It literally takes 10 seconds as you walk from your car.  
  • Current flu vaccinations for students at 53%. Encourage classmates to mark if they received a vaccination outside of the student run clinics OR sign a flu-shot declination form and upload to student health/portal. **Make an appointment with student health to receive flu shot preferably before December 1st.** 

Table Talks 

  • Ongoing from 11/10/20 to 11/20/20 
  • Stop in if you can! 


UNMC Student Senate Resolution-Divestment from Fossil Fuels 

6. Old Business 


  • Be responsible, be safe during the holidays. 

7. Shout outs 

  • Everyone who helped share joy through ice cream! 
  • Sammy, Hannah, Dan for Vitals! 

8. Committee Meetings 

  1. Satellite: 
  1. Academic Affairs: 
  1. Attendance: 
  1. Anthony S. 
  1. Dan N. 
  1. Sammy M. 
  1. Ryan J. 
  1. Kayla J. 
  1. Skylar M. 
  1. Updates: 
  1. Good job on getting interviewers 
  1. Mock interviews til Friday 
  1. Think about ideas for events 
  1. IT Liaison report: 
  1. No updates 
  1. Activities: 

Agenda for Activities Committee Meeting 9/16/2020

· Introductions

· Discuss Past Events

o Lauritzen Garden Day

§ $923

§ 64 students picked up tickets

· Pawned the rest off on students around

§ Improve distribution method? Or will normalize out of Covid?

o Ice Cream Social Distance

§ $623

§ Students seemed really into it! Ice cream went in basically an hour

· Bought 150 small ice creams

· 132 students on card reader (probably missed a few) and I did see people playing games

· Need to set up earlier next time

· Upcoming Events

o Trivia Night

§ November 18th

§ Tell your friends to sign up!

· Proposed Events

· Suggested new events

o State Park Passes

· Wyatt how’s it going with the inside man?

o Painting night?

§ Doodle club

· Anything from the doodle club friend, Hannah

· Doodle club or Bob Ross night?


  1. Trivia night 
  1. Sign up for friends  
  1. Issues: