UNMC Student Senate

UNMC Student Senate Student Organizations Liaison

UNMC Student Senate Student Organizations Liaison



Summary:  This proposal would establish a new Student Senate position:  the Student Organizations liaison.



  • Designate a student who would work closely with the UNMC Counseling and Student Development office as they approve and keep track of student organizations on campus.
  • Identify an individual who would be a student resource for facilitating improved communication between student organizations and the student body, and would share a students’perspective on any proposed changes at a University level that will affect student organizations.


Stakeholders:UNMC Student Senate, students at UNMC who lead/participate in student organizations, the UNMC Counseling and Student Development Office


Detailed Proposal:

This proposal establishes a Student Senate liaison for Student Organizations.  This Senator would work closely with the UNMC Counseling and Student Development Office, the department responsible for approval of new student organizations and oversight of existing organizations.  The responsibilities of this liaison would be tailored to the interest of the Senator elected to the position and the needs of student organizations, but could include opportunities like collecting names and contact information of current leaders of student organizations, working with new IT systems (like UNMC SYNC) to facilitate communication between organizations and students, as well as other opportunities to support student organizations.  This liaison will be tasked with making sure that Senate is appropriately supporting student organizations on our campus.



There is no associated cost with this proposal.


Proposed Benefits

  • This ensures that one student is appointed each year who can serve as the student point person for issues associated with student organization.
  • Appointing a student to this position will help ease the time burden shouldered by other existing Liaisons face by spreading the workload. This could also give help to the Office of Counseling and Student Development in any tasks for which they might desire direct student assistance.


Anticipated Issues/Risks/Complaints

  • There will not be interest by Senators to serve as the Student Organization liaison


Rebuttal to Issues/Risks/Complaints

  • One of the main ways that Student Senators are involved on this campus are as liaisons, and we have more members than we have liaison positions. Student organizations engage students in all academic programs at all levels, so it makes sense that Senate designate a specific Senator to promote student organizations and to determine new ways that Senate can better support these groups.


Date Approved by Activities Committee:  12/17/18

Date Approved/Denied by Senate at-large: 01/23/2019