UNMC Student Senate

UNMC Student Senate Interprofessional Education Liaison

Summary:  This proposal would establish a new Student Senate position:  the Interprofessional Education (IPE) liaison.



  • Designate a student who would serve on the UNMC IPE planning committees, ensuring that students’ opinions and concerns are accounted for when planning IPE activities.
  • Ensure continued membership and participation with the national board for Interprofessional Education in the medical field


Stakeholders:UNMC Student Senate, students at UNMC who participate in IPE activities, IPE Planning Committee


Detailed Proposal:

This proposal establishes a Student Senate liaison for Interprofessional Education.  This Senator would work closely with the Committee on Interprofessional Education at UNMC, the group who plans the annual Interprofessional Education activities on campus.  This Senator would also report back to the committee and to Senate about the work of the Interprofessional Education Collaborative, a group made up of representatives from other health science universities who discuss ways to improve IPE. This new position will encourage continuity and ensure that student voices are consistently heard year after year in the planning of IPE activities.



There is no associated cost with this proposal.


Proposed Benefits

  • Students voices are heard in the planning of IPE activities.
  • UNMC maintains a national presence in the promotion of IPE.
  • There will consistently be a student each year whose responsibility it is to be involved in IPE, so there will always be student input on the committee.


Anticipated Issues/Risks/Complaints

  • There will not be interest by Senators to serve as the IPE liaison


Rebuttal to Issues/Risks/Complaints

  • One of the main ways that Student Senators are involved on this campus are as liaisons, and we have more members than we have liaison positions. Interprofessional education affects a majority of students on our campus each year, and Senators will likely have a vested interest in making the activities successful.


Date Approved by Activities Committee:  12/17/18

Date Approved/Denied by Senate at-large: 01/23/19

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