UNMC Student Senate

Student Senate Mock Interview: “Make them Fall in Love with You”

Student Senate Mock Interview: “Make them Fall in Love with You”

Academic Affairs Committee


Summary: Mock Interview Presentation/Practice/Lunch


  • Provide students with methods to successfully interview
  • Provide students an avenue to contact professionals to set up mock interviews

Stakeholders: UNMC students, UNMC faculty


Detailed Proposal:

UNMC Student Senate hold a lunch meeting over the noon hour. During this time, a 15-minute presentation will be provided to students with interviewing tips. The students will then be able to practice interviewing each other and watch an interview between two different faculty. At the completion, students will be provided with a list of faculty willing to do mock interviews with the students at a separate time.


February 19th, 2019



Lunch for 80 students and faculty

  • Hy-Vee catering:
    • Piccolo Panino Sandwich Tray: $40 x 2 =$ 80; $30 x 1 = $30: $120
    • Bags of assorted chips: $13 x 3 = $39
    • Vegetable/Fruit tray: $50 x 2 = $100
    • Total: About $260
    • May change depending on numbers of RSVPs


Proposed Benefits:

  • Provides students an opportunity to learn and practice their interviewing skills
  • Promotes and helps students learn by networking with other students, faculty, and colleagues


Anticipated Issues/Risks/Complaints:

  • Poor participation by students

Rebuttal to Issues/Risks/Complaints:


– Date Approved By Activities Committee: January 9th, 2019

– Date Approved/Denied By Senate: 1/23/2019

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