UNMC Student Senate

Student and Faculty Excellence Awards Luncheon 2019

Summary: Host a reception for the recipient of the UNMC’s Student Senate Distinguished Mentor and Teaching Awards as well as UNMC’s Student Senate Distinguished Student Award


  • Provide an event honoring the distinguished mentor, teacher, and students of the year
  • Provide outlet for socialization and networking among Senators, faculty, and students 

Stakeholders:UNMC Student Senate, recipient of Student Senate Distinguished Mentor Award, Teaching Award, and Student Award

Detailed Proposal: The proposed date for the reception is pending per availability of the recipients (Feb/March). The event will be held in the Private Dining Rooms of University Tower. The reception will be held over the lunch hour (12-1). The recipients and nominees of the awards, the nominators, guests of the recipient’s choosing, Chancellor Gold, Vice Chancellors, the Dean of the College from which the recipient holds their faculty position, Dr. Carver, administrators, outgoing recipients, and all Senators will be invited.  All attendees will be asked to RSVP to the event through Eventbrite to better gauge the number of guests attending. The expected number of attendees will be approximately 65-75. Hors D’Ouevres will be served starting 15 minutes prior to the event up until 5 minutes into the event.  At 12:05pm attendees will take their seats and a full service lunch will commence.  Dessert will be served at 12:40pm.  Award presentation will begin at approximately 12:15pm.  Comments will be made about the recipients from various people from the Academic Affairs Committee, with the presentation of the award following.  Food (fruit and veggie Hors d’ouevres, salad, chicken/fish/vegetarian entrée, potato, vegetable, dessert) and drink will be catered by Sodexo Catering. 


Food 2,500.00
Tables Included
Linen Included
Drinks Included
Service Included
Printing Services $500.00
TOTAL 3,000.00


Proposed Benefits

  • An event honoring the recipient of the Distinguished Mentor and Teaching Awards/Student Award
  • Encourage socialization between Senators, administration, and faculty, and students.

Anticipated Issues/Risks/Complaints

-The date chosen may not work for the recipients of the awards.

-The date chosen may not work for all senators to attend, leading to poor attendance. 

Rebuttal to Issues/Risks/Complaints

-The date will be chosen in a timely manner, allowing those invited to plan accordingly in hopes to arrange schedules so they may attend the reception.

-The date will be determined based on recipient availability, increasing the likelihood that most recipients can attend.

-The event will also fall over the lunch period of most of those on Senate, 12:00-1:00pm, thereby allowing the majority of Senate to be in attendance.

-An invitation will be sent out through Eventbrite which will confirm who is coming and what they will be eating.  Student Senate will then have a list of attendees and, through the website, will be able to send out reminder emails a week before and one day before.

Date Approved by Activities Committee:  01/09/2019

Date Approved/Denied by Senate at-large: 01/23/2019