UNMC Student Senate

2019 UNMC Volunteer Day

Volunteer Day

Activities Committee



To offer students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to give back to their community in a meaningful way


  • Provide students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to volunteer their time to a worthy cause
  • Afford an opportunity for UNMC students and UNMC and Nebraska Medicine employees to mingle with each other outside of the classroom/work
  • Increase awareness of the Emerging Professionals Program


UNMC Student Senate, Emerging Professionals Program, UNMC Students, UNMC employees, Nebraska Medicine employees, organizations and charities who offer volunteer positions

Detailed Proposal

We propose Student Senate partners with the Emerging Professionals Program to put on a volunteer day to allow students and employees from both UNMC and Nebraska Medicine the opportunity to participate in volunteering throughout the community.  The proposed date is Saturday, April 13th.  The Volunteer Day would consist of meeting at 7:30-8:15ish to register and get breakfast, volunteering at various sites from 8:30-12:30ish, and then coming back to campus for lunch.  Participants will also receive a t-shirt for volunteering.




150 attendees – $300


150 attendees – $500


150 attendees – $700

TOTAL: $1500

  • Proposed Senate Contribution: 75% ($1125)
  • Proposed EPP Contribution: 25% ($375)

 Proposed Benefits

  • Increase awareness of community-based programs and their needs
  • Provide students opportunity to fulfill 4 requirement hours for volunteering
  • Increase awareness and membership of the Emerging Professionals Program

Anticipated Issues/Risks/Complaints

  • Poor participation

Rebuttal to Issues/Risks/Complaints

  • The event will be advertised over a month in advance to students (by Student Senate) and faculty/staff (by EPP).
  • Additionally, students have an incentive to sign up because they are required to fulfill a certain number of volunteer hours and this is a great opportunity to get a few hours while hanging out with your friends.


  • Date Approved By Activities Committee: 02/06/2019
  • Date Approved/Denied By Senate: 03/06/2019