UNMC Student Senate

March 6, 2019 Student Senate Minutes

Student Senate Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 – Sorrell Center 2018, 5:30pm

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Guest Speakers
    • Ben Stobbe, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Clinical Simulation, iEXCEL 5:30-5:45
      • Talk about iEXCEL Ambassador program, answer questions
        • Looking for 5 students to be Ambassadors. If interested see attached information or email erlandson@unmc.edu
      • Phil Covington, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Success 5:45-6:00
        • To speak about the proposed student fee, answer questions
          • See proposal document for more details (see Sarah’s email for voting)
        • Heidi Keeler Director, Office of Community Engagement 6:00-6:15
          • To address Sync/Engage transition, answer questions
            • Transition probably after spring break 2019
  4. Approval of Minutes- passed
  5. Advisor’s Report
    • Student Senate election is March 5th-19 for at-large seats, VP, and president (see email from Dr. Carver about applying). Voting will be April 8th-11th
    • Call Pat Oberlander if you need to meet with Dr. Carver about peer support
  6. Executive Council’s Reports:
    • President
      • I Love NU Day
        1. 9am-12pm on March 27. Shuttle will be provided to Nebraska Capitol and campus
      • Feedback on UNMC Vitals
        • communication policy will be revised
        • Intro to new proposed student fee
        • Working on single sign on for portal
    • Vice President- no report
    • Secretary- no report
    • Treasurer- no report

7. Committee Reports

  • Executive- no report
  • Academic Affairs
    • interview luncheon went well
    • Working on awards ceremony
  • Activities
    • Bowling night has been moved to Saturday, March 16th
  • Issues
    • Town hall update
      • Many issues forwarded to respective individuals.
      • Overall things are going well.
      • Big topics- parking, space allotment, security, and mental health resources.
    • Deciding on BOSS proposals today

8. College Reports

  • College of Allied Health- no report
  • College of Dentistry- no report
  • College of Graduate Studies- no report
  • College of Medicine- no report
  • College of Nursing- no report
  • College of Pharmacy- no report
  • College of Public Health- no report
  • Liaison Reports
    • Student Health Liaison (Max Lydiatt) – Funding for wellness events
      • Repurpose some Fund B fees. If you have ideas of wellness related events/issues this money can be used for, email Max.
      • UNMC students have access to UNO’s food pantry

New Business

  • Volunteer Day Resolution- passed
  • Student Access and Success Fee- see Sarah’s email for voting

Next Meeting:

  1. Committee – following tonight’s meeting
  2. Full Senate – March 27th, 2019
  1. Adjournment