UNMC Student Senate

Student Senate Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, September 4th, 2019 – Sorrell Center 2018, 5:30pm

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Guest Speakers
    1. Dr. Dele Davies Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs – Welcome
      1. Ideas
      1. Student Survey results from survey last spring, results and solutions to be released in the coming months.
      1. iEXCEL update: Official grand opening pushed back, date will be released soon.
    1. Dr. Heidi Keeler and Anita Lee from the Office of Community Engagement
      1. Talking about ENGAGE
        1. How do you set up an organization, how do you partner with a community organization, what is the policy surrounding these topics, removing the ‘sea of links’ in order that the Office of Community Engagement is the one stop shop for all links/events/engagement
        1. Mission & vison is that all organizations will have a presence on engage rather than a static website, creating a ‘culture of continuity’
        1. Engage will be the home for information to help with the barrage of emails so that information isn’t lost.
        1. Automation of New Student Organization – Form on ENGAGE
        1. Ask:
          1. Feedback
            1. For new student orgs, how are they approved?
            1. Card Scanner Availability – each college has a scanner; reservation form through OCE as well
            1. ENGAGE to be first link on Google rather than Engage Exercise program
          1. How can we make it easier?
          1. How do we switch from pushing information out to housing information that is sought after
  • Representatives from IT to talk about the upcoming changes for Security and the HUB.  The changes are slated to begin in September – Lisa Bazis, Chief Information Security Officer for UNMC & NE Med
    • DUO Mobile App/the Hub app to provide an extra security measure “deadbolt”
    • The why – Efficiency & Security Issues
    • Outlook app will need to be used going forward in order to best protect info – not the mail app on your phone
    • Recommend you use the “As You Roam” wifi. Seamless wifi that will connect on all University of Nebraska campuses
    • Help with install/new processes. Online: IT HELPS, phone: 402-559-7700, email: helpdesk@unmc.edu. There will also be ‘techtents’ to help in person who will install/update your device for you – Keith will send out dates/locations
    • After mid-October you will not be able access your email without the HUB/two factor authentication
    • Alec Carstens sent in slides from the Center for Healthy Living to talk about intramurals. I will be running through them.
  • Approval of Minute-
  • Advisor’s Report
    • Phil Covington Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Success
      • Served as Student Senate Advisor over last ~20 years at 4 different institutions
      • Here since July 2017
      • Writing Center now located in the student life center/center for healthy living on 2nd floor
  • Executive Council’s Reports:
    • President:
      • Welcome back!
      • Advisor Change, Dr. Carver is shifting into a new role with a higher volume of Mental Health counseling and as such has stepped down as the Student Senate Advisor.  He has been advising Student Senate since 1993.  We are inviting him to the next meeting (Committee) at Scriptown and will be presenting him with a plaque for his service to student senate.  Please send me memories, good interactions, warm fuzzies, about times that you spent with him.  We would also like to put together some sort of “Year Book”  to give to him as well.
      • Parking update:  A small parcel of land was purchased along Leavenworth that will be turned into 20-30 spaces for students.  If you are having difficulty, please reach out to parking services.  If you do reach out to parking services, be respectful!  They want to hear our feedback to pass along but they are just doing their jobs.
      • Volunteering for and participating in Student Senate run events.
        • Not just the Activities committee members
      • All campus communications update
        • Last year Sarah Hotovy started working on creating a robust communication tool to reduce the email fatigue and create a central (weekly) email to inform all students about events and other things on campus.  We are still continuing’ with this communications tool and planning on getting rid of the all student communication email at the beginning of the year (January 1).
          • This will be discussed further at next Student Senate Meeting
      • Terri Gulick works with High School Alliance and is wanted her students to get more involved on campus volunteering and seeing how we run meetings, host events, etc. They also want to host a Pediatric Cancer Fundraiser sometime this year.
      • Student Organization shift, new focus on supporting student organizations.  More to come on this.
      • Student Senate Intramurals- is there interest?  Luke Witte
        • 1 game per week, 1 team per season (outdoor fall, indoor fall, indoor spring, outdoor spring)
        • Be on the lookout for a survey about which sports we may be interested in
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
      • Add Student Senate on Engage
      • Be sure to swipe in to each meeting
    • Treasurer – Thanks for bringing Tupperware!
  • Committee Reports
    • Executive – No report
    • Academic Affairs
      • Will be getting plaque for Dr. Carver next week
    • Activities-  BBQ was a huge success!!  Also Amanda will be Graduating in December!! (WOOOO)  However, we will need someone to fill her impressive shoes so be on the lookout!
    • Issues
      • College of Nursing – they will elect senators in the next week or two
        • iTEACH Fellowship through CON scheduling issue – Resolved
  • College Reports
    • College of Allied Health- No report
    • College of Dentistry – no senators yet, will be elected in the next few weeks
    • College of Graduate Studies – Ice cream social for grad students 9/5 in green space
    • College of Medicine- no report
    • College of Nursing – no report
    • College of Pharmacy- no report
    • College of Public Health – no report
    • Liaison Reports-
      • Allison Vlach – Student Wellness Liaison, meeting with Dr. Carver to discuss ideas to increase wellness, send her your ideas
      • IPE Liason – Yoni H
      • Shaker – eLearning session on 9/18 at 12:00 in Sorrell 2010, Open Call
        • $1,000 reward for 2 – 4 students
    •  New Business
      • No proposals for this meeting

Next Meeting:

  • Committee – September 18th, 2019 
    • Full Senate – October 9th, 2019  Back in MSC 2018
  • Adjournment