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Take PubMed searches and results to go with My NCBI

By Cindy Schmidt Would you like to save a PubMed search so that you can view the results again later? Want to receive search updates from PubMed? Need to collect selected, PubMed results in a permanently accessible location? Create your own My NCBI account.  You can use the account to: save searches and rerun the […]

November 10, 2014

Become a Google pro with these search tips

Submitted by Cindy Schmidt Need to find a government report on hazardous waste disposal, or want a table that outlines the data on the age-specific efficacy of the shingles vaccine?  You’ll want to start with a  an internet search, probably a Google or Google Scholar search. There are techniques you can use to make your […]

October 6, 2014

Did you know? Google Scholar tips

Google Scholar is one of the search tools available to you among the many great resource tools McGoogan Library has in your information resource toolbox. Save your search to re-run later: Just copy the URL at the top of Google Scholar search results page and save it for later use. Search the ‘cited by’ articles, […]

September 2, 2014